What is the best treatment for corona virus

Which of the following drugs is being tested for this virus?

The corona virus, affecting more than 70,000 people in central China, is spreading rapidly around the world. There have been a number of cases in South Korea, Iran and Italy, and the Corona virus has now become a global outbreak. According to a statement from the Centers for Disease Control, no one can prevent the virus from spreading to the United States. However, it cannot be said at this time how many people will be affected.

Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said: “We are telling the American people that the effects of the virus can be very dangerous and are ready for it. Need to stay. ”

If the disease has become a global pandemic, it is certain that billions of people around the world will need medicines or vaccines.

At this time no proven cure for this virus and its resulting pneumonia has been found. However, according to the World Health Organization, there are currently more than 70 drugs that can be tested.

Some of these drugs are working very fast and have been very promising so far. The following is a list.

Virus blockers

Remdesivir is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug developed by Gilead Sciences, available in the form of vaccines. At present, this anti-viral drug is only in the experimental phase, but Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health, says he is “very optimistic” about it.

This drug creates a malformed form of a nucleotide that is required to replicate the virus. This way the virus is unable to make new copies and its spread can be prevented. Gilead has previously developed highly successful hepatitis C drugs with similar techniques.

RAM discovery involves viruses whose genetic material includes RNA, such as the Corona virus. It was particularly successful in mice and monkeys infected with the M. corona virus-like germ ERS. However, RAM Desire did not prove to be beneficial for Ebola sufferers in 2018.

A 35-year-old man who arrived in Washington after traveling to China in January was given remission, after which he recovered. The National Institutes of Health said that remote diagnostics will be tested on Corona virus victims at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, to determine its utility.

According to this agency, full information will not be provided to the participants of this study until the experiments are completed. Some participants will be vaccinated with RAM desserts and the rest will be vaccinated with a placebo. The person participating in the trial is one of those who traveled on a cruise ship called the Diamond Princess, where the Corona virus was spreading rapidly.


 Vaccines can provide the best protection over the long term. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of vaccines is that they take at least three to four years to get to the market. It takes time to prove the efficacy of vaccines and to create mass. In addition, if vaccines prove to be unsuccessful, scientists may need to work again, which is a waste of time.

Fortunately, when the Corona virus came out in the form of SARS in 2003, some vaccine prototypes were developed. When the SARS ended, these vaccines were no longer needed, but now work has begun on them again for this new corona virus.

Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company, is currently working on a vaccine for the Corona virus. It is producing antigens (antigens) proteins from viruses that can be introduced into the circulatory system via vaccines to identify these pathogens for the immune system. This type of medicine is usually prepared with the help of poultry eggs. However, it is proving difficult to obtain millions of eggs immediately, which has led Sanofi to develop other methods of producing antigens in insect cells.

More sharp vaccines

Few companies are working on new types of vaccines that introduce short-lived genetic material into viruses. This is how human cells themselves produce viral antigens. So far, such vaccines have not been successful, but their biggest advantage is that their prototypes can be most easily made.

This became clear when Moderna Therapeutics announced that they had supplied RNA vaccine doses to the National Institute of Health. Stephen Hoge, president of the company, said: “We have never seen so much pandemic in the past.”

Plasma obtained from those successfully competing with the Corona virus

 Antibodies are found in the blood in the blood of everyone who successfully contests a virus. Such people can be saved by obtaining plasma from their blood and by introducing them to other organisms. At this time it has not been proven whether plasma vaccination will fight the virus. However, there are more than 27,000 people in China who have survived the virus and can receive plasma. Many doctors in Shanghai are testing this technique.

HIV Medications

People with acute respiratory illnesses due to the Corona virus need urgent care right now, and doctors in China are preferring to use pre-existing medicines. Among them are already approved medicines for HIV. A hospital in Shanghai has tested lupinavir and ritonavir in 52 patients. The combination of these drugs is available in the United States by the name of Kaletra. So far, no positive results have been reported. However, further research on the use of other drugs is underway. These include a drug called Truvada that is designed for people who are not HIV-infected but who are at risk for the disease.

Malaria medicine

According to a few posts posted on social media, we already have the treatment of chloroquine as a malaria drug, chloroquine. So far no concrete evidence of this has been revealed. However, because of its low cost and readily available, research has been launched in China. So far, patients are being given 400 mg of chloroquine daily for five days. Given the preliminary results, it seems that this drug may be very effective.


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