10 Best to-do list app You Must Know

Best to-do list app.This type of software has been around forever, but in recent years a number of additional solutions have been developed and have become an integral part of the work activity.

10 Best to-do list app You Must Know.

Google Calendar

A basic option to start with is Google’s electronic calendar and agenda . It allows you to synchronize it with the contacts of the Gmail email client and thus invite them and share events. It allows you to quickly schedule meetings and events, as well as receive reminders about upcoming activities. You can easily share agendas, in read-only or full control modes, as well as create multiple calendars to use together with a work team.

Its interface is as simple and easy to use as other Google products, and it has different views such as weekly, monthly, and agenda. It supports the CalDAV protocol, which allows synchronizing calendars with third-party calendars. It is freely available for any PC using calendar.google.com in a web browser and can also be accessed from the applications menu from within other Google applications. It has dedicated apps on iOS and Android.

Week Plan

Creating a weekly schedule is a good start for managing your time. The application has its intellectual base in the principles of the self-help book “The seven habits of highly effective people”, but beyond philosophies, the truth is that its productivity rules are quite useful and Week Plan captures them in two sections well differentiated for tasks and objectives. If you click on any day of the week you can add a new task and set its priority, important or urgent, with a priority planner that helps identify HITs (high impact tasks).

In addition to the weekly, Week Plan also offers monthly plans, a daily agenda and a function called ‘Life Planner’, which seeks to plan rest times with families or friends, understanding that personal goals are as important as professional ones. There are three plans available , one free as a trial and other paid ones that offer additional features such as sub-tasks, analytics, SMS integration or Google Calendar.


Project management apps are other good tools for organizing your time. Trello is one of the most valued, because it allows you to organize the tasks of a work team, a professional or a user for the personal or family environment. Simple and powerful, just create a board to add lists with cards, dragging and dropping between them to update the project in real time. Its organization is tremendously visual and you can see an entire project looking at the board

It allows you to post comments or upload files from a local computer or from cloud services and easily manage small to large projects. It has paid and free versions , online versions from a browser, and also desktop clients for Windows and Mac that provide features such as keyboard shortcuts, desktop notifications, the ability to set priority tables, and more.


A useful application for the organization and integration of the calendar . With the look and feel of Gmail, it includes repeating tasks, subtasks, sharing, collaboration, comments, labels, and prioritization. If you use a lot of Google tools it is a good option to take advantage of them, especially the Workspace suite.

The basic features of the application are available for free , although it has personal and business plans.


time tracking tool that includes project creation, client and team management, various workspaces and reporting tools. To start tracking an activity, simply tap the timer, give the task a name, and tap the action button. You can also add tags for better organization.

Toggl offers integration with other apps, such as Basecamp, Asana, and GitHub. It has Web access and through mobile apps, with a free version and also a paid version with additional options.


Targeted for use by small teams that need to focus on shorter tasks, it’s an all-in-one collaboration platform and built-in task manager that also has its own chat system and supports video conferencing. The app allows you to convert messages into tasks, which can then be assigned to any team member, and filter by status, dates, and people.

It allows any task in a related flow to be discussed with relevant team members in separate conversations and can be presented as a Kanban board or task list. Very easy to configure and assign them, it also offers integration with third-party applications. It has a free plan for small and medium businesses and a paid business plan.


Another good project and task management tool . with which to plan, track and assign tasks to the members of a work team. It has added CRM and chat features, allows you to create custom reports, and offers advanced search and performance and workload insights. It has a powerful interface, but easy to view between multiple views with a list, calendar, boards and timeline.

It offers a free trial and different payment plans, general or personalized for each client.


If you’d rather use a desktop time management app , RescueTime is a good choice because it’s available for Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms (as well as mobile platforms). Once installed, it tracks the time spent to calculate the degree of productivity based on the web pages visited and the applications used from each category, which can be customized for each user.

It offers options for setting goals and has a free and paid version.


It is one of the most popular task managers on the market. Very similar to the missing and popular Wunderlist, as it allows you to plan and organize simple tasks for one person or large tasks for a work team. You can set color-coded priority levels, due dates and reminders, task assignments, or notes. It also offers collaboration features, making it easy to assign tasks and workloads.

It is available in a free version via the Web and mobile devices, and has additional payment options that offer additional features.

Microsoft To Do

Speaking of Wunderlist, its direct replacement cannot be missing since Microsoft acquired it and took advantage of its technology and team to develop it. Like others on this list, it’s a cloud-based task management app that’s synced with your Outlook email client. Of course, it stands out for its integration with Office and Microsoft 365, the most used productivity and collaboration suite in the IT industry.

It allows users to manage their tasks from anywhere through a browser since it is cloud-based, although it also has an application for Windows, macOS and Android. It is completely free and only requires the use of a Microsoft ID account.


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