best sniper rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone

What to prefer a sniper in the main battle royale of 2020

Given the huge size of the Call of Duty: Warzone map and the large number of objects you can hide behind, it is important in this game to get weapons with high accuracy and armor penetration as quickly as possible. Sniper rifles are ideal for these requirements – they will be discussed in our guide.

Features of the class of sniper rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone

Sniper is one of the most obvious play styles in Warzone

  • One shot one kill. Sniper rifles use the most lethal bullet shells, capable of taking one hit even hundreds of meters away.
  • The more strength, the more recoil. It is better to secure weapons of this class on an emphasis, if the combat situation allows. In normal mode, in the hands on weight, after each shot the sight will fly up. This is especially critical for rapid-fire prototypes like the Dragunov.
  • Standard optics for all members of the class – 8x. It is good for long distances, but it gets in the way at medium distances. Therefore, for “station wagons” like AX-50 or Kar.98k, it is better to replace the sight with another one with a lower magnification.
  • The sniper can be seen by the reflection of the optics. This is important not only for the victim, but also for the “hunter”.
  • The correct body kit will compensate for the disadvantages and increase the advantages. This applies to all categories of weapons.
  • A good sniper knows when, where and how to shoot. It is best to create several kits with different patterns for different situations. Some are better suited for “camping”, others for a more aggressive game, and others for self-defense in the final minutes of the match on the way to Top-1. Next, we have selected the best sniper rifles based on this logic.

Most Deadly Sniper Rifle – HDR

HDR is good for its long-range accuracy and projectile speed. This allows you to quickly aim for the head at distances up to 250 meters – simply by aligning the center of the crosshair, without correction. And in the head she kills with one hit in most cases.

However, HDR can be tricky for a beginner due to its low rate of fire and high recoil. In addition, at the end of the match, when you need to shoot back and defend, as well as in the middle of city buildings, it is completely inconvenient.

Recommended body kit:

  • Optics:standard
  • Muzzle :muzzle brake
  • Barrel:“Pro” 26.9 inches
  • Back :FTAC “Champion”
  • Ammunition:9-round magazines

Most versatile sniper rifle – AX-50

HDR opens earlier than the AX-50. Perhaps that is why many consider the first to be better than the second. However, with similar stopping power to HDR, the AX-50 has a key difference – rate of fire. This is more suitable for aggressive players who prefer to tactfully destroy targets while constantly moving, rather than sitting in cover for a long time. At long ranges, HDR still hits more accurately, but with the AX-50 it is easier to win a sniper duel.

Recommended body kit:

  • Optics:thermal
  • Laser:tactical laser
  • Muzzle :muzzle brake
  • Barrel:standard 32-inch
  • Back :“Singward Arms” – “Sniper”

Best End-of-Match Sniper Rifle – Kar.98k

Formally, this is not a sniper rifle (although in previous games in the series it was just that). The Kar.98k is an old German infantry rifle that, with its optics, turns into a very handy and deadly weapon for firefights in the middle of city buildings or at the end of a match. But it is better not to set the scope magnification higher than 3x.

Recommended body kit:

  • Optics:scout sight
  • Muzzle :muzzle brake
  • Barrel:1 “Singward barrel
  • Back :STVOL sniper pad
  • Rear grip:grainy coated grip

Remember that sniper rifle game is not as easy as it sounds. Sitting in ambush for a long time in a battle royale is difficult. Therefore, along with the slaughter at HDR range, it is better to take something for medium ranges as a second weapon. Or try to master the AX-50, which in the right hands is good throughout the match. For the finale, the Kar.98k will work well if you manage to get it in time.


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