best skills to unlock in the Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skill tree.

Scarlet Nexus is packed with fluid, fast-paced action with plenty of options for how to tackle combat situations thanks to its skill tree. If you are trying to figure out what skills to acquire, we have some tips. Here is a list of the best skills to unlock in the Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skill tree.

The best brain mapping skills to unlock in Scarlet Nexus

First of all, you will need Brain Points (BP) to unlock abilities. The only way to earn more Brain Points is to upgrade your main character (Yuito or Kasane). Once you have points to spend, these are the skills to aim for and the reasoning behind those options.

Bounce, air swing and double jump.

These three movement skills can be found in the Develop section of the Brain Map, and are essential as basic skills. Bounce allows you to quickly recover from being downed and could be the most useful of the three in avoiding frustration. Without it, your character will stay on the ground for too long after taking a hit. Bounce should be your first unlock.

The Air Race and Double Jump are self explanatory, allowing you to access hard-to-reach places to get rare items outside of combat. The Air Dash also allows you to dodge in the air, which is useful from beginning to end of the game.

Simultaneous SAS activation

Simultaneous activation of SAS is easily one of the Scarlet Nexus best abilities. There are two simultaneous SAS activation skills to unlock in the Support section of the Brain Map skill tree. The first will allow you to use the SAS powers of two teammates at once, and the second will allow you to use four powers at once.

Once you acquire this second skill, there will be many game options open to you in battle. For example, being able to use Gemma’s Sclerokinesis, Hanabi’s Pyrokinesis, Tsugumi’s Clairvoyance, and Luka’s Teleport at the same time as Yuito will make you virtually invincible for a short period of time while foiling all enemy attacks while dealing significant damage. Make sure you learn these skills as soon as possible.

Auto-Heal & Brain Drive Auto-Heal

Auto-Heal is also in the Support section of the Brain Map, while Brain Drive Auto-Heal is in the Brain Drive section. These are two of Scarlet Nexus’ best abilities, as they prevent you from constantly spending useful healing items.

Auto-Heal restores your health outside of combat, preventing you from wasting jelly items after combat. Brain Drive Auto-Heal restores your health in Brain Drive mode. And since Brain Drive activates automatically when the meter is full, you’ll essentially get random passive healing during combat.

Quick article

The Quick Item can be found in the Support section of the Brain Map, and it’s the best ability to get when you really need to use items manually during combat. Removes the animation required to use items, allowing you to run and dodge attacks while upgrading your gear or healing yourself.

Without a quick item, Yuito and Kasane remain immobile when using items, making them vulnerable to all attacks. It’s not necessarily a skill that needs to be unlocked first, but it’s extremely useful, especially when enemies get very tough later in the game.

Additional slot for plug-in devices

There are two additional abilities for the plug-in gear slots, and they should be unlocked as soon as possible if you want to passively upgrade your character. Each additional add-on gear slot skill allows you to equip an additional add-on for Yuito and Kasane.

This is useful because add-ons have a variety of effects ranging from increasing stats to getting bonus EXP. These are just another way to customize the protagonist to your liking in terms of gameplay. And those stat boosts can be a game changer when equipping high-level add-ons.

Weapon smash effect increased and psychokinesis smash effect increased

Weapon Crush Effect Up and Psychokinesis Crush Effect Up basically do the same thing and both are found in the Upgrade section of the Brain Map. These are two of the best abilities in Scarlet Nexus, as they cause both weapon attacks and psychokinesis attacks to deplete the enemy’s crush gauges much faster.

When an enemy smash gauge is empty, you can perform a brain smash to instantly kill them. So basically, these abilities will result in those finishing moves much more often, regardless of how you choose to approach combat. They even increase the base damage of weapon attacks and psychokinesis, which is another great advantage.

Max Psi. Caliber increase and follow attack

Max Psi. Another that you will need to double is Gauge Boost. Both abilities can be found in the Upgrades section of the Brain Map, and each greatly increases the Psychokinesis gauge, allowing you to throw random items at enemies more frequently. The first ability increases the gauge by 50%, then the second increases it by 100%.

There are also two follow-up attack extension abilities, both found in the Extension section. Max Psi. The caliber increase and follow-up attack spread aren’t exactly close to each other in the skill tree, but they do fit together and complement each other perfectly. The Follow Attack Expansion allows you to perform up to four consecutive Psychokinesis Follow Attacks in a single combo, for which you will need this additional Psychokinesis counter.

Follow-up attacks greatly reduce enemy smash indicators, so the more you can do in a combo, the faster you can defeat them with a one-hit finish. These two skills will help you.

There are many more skills to get into the game, but that’s all you need to know about the best skills to unlock in the Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skill tree. Be sure to check out our wiki guide for more tips, boss guides, and other general information about the game.

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