There is a console that for myself has a very high sentimental value, also called Genesis, here is my top 25 of the best games for Sega Mega Drive.

In the list, I mainly took into account the exclusives, or those games mainly released on Sega’s 16-bit, listing only one title for each franchise …

But, no more chatter, let’s see what is my top 25 of the best games for Sega Mega Drive.

25. Out Run

3D driving game in which, aboard a Ferrari Testarossa, we have to go running around racing .

Its non-linear gameplay , mixed with simply fantastic graphic details has made sure that, despite its age (the first arcade version is from 1986), it remains in the hearts of fans.

24. Alisia Dragoon

Alisia Dragoon is a rather unusual game, which combines elements of epic platforming with others of the more typical run ‘n’ gun. It is a Japanese game that, as often happened with SEGA products, was more appreciated in the West, where it was received with enthusiasm.

In the game we will play as Alisia, a barbarian dressed only in skimpy armor that has stimulated the erotic imagery of the American gamer since the cover. On the Japanese cover – curious case – his drawing was completely different and in anime style.

Spectacular and compelling, it needs skilled players, able to spend hours trying to develop their reflexes.

23. Virtua Fighter \ Virtua Fighter 2

Virtua Fighter is without a doubt one of the most famous sagas in the fighting game world. The second chapter is by far the best of the series and, although the 2D version for Sega Mega Drive is definitely inferior to the arcade or PC version, it is the fighting game that most of all paved the way for 3D rendering on games. of combat.

In this list, therefore, the first Virtua Fighter is present for a very important reason: its presence in the Mega Drive catalog through 32x expansion. The alternative is obviously Virtua Fighter 2 , therefore present in this list precisely for the pleasure of those who, at the time, could not afford the very expensive add-on.

The two games represent the best of Sega-branded fighting games, although the saga has often suffered first from merciless comparisons with the duopoly Mortal Kombat-Street Fighter and then the explosion of Tekken .

22. Rocket Knight Adventures

Konami ‘s Rocket Knight Adventures \ Sparkster Saga falls into that vein of animal mascots such as Sonic, Aero the Acrobat, Awesome Possum, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Banjo Kazooie, Ardy Lightfoot, Zero the Kamikaze Squirrell or even Donkey Kong himself or that videogame shame of Bubsy …

However, this platform from Konami has experienced ups and downs and, after two games published exclusively on Sega Mega Drive , it moved on to the competition on Super Nintendo , before falling asleep for 16 years and almost ending up in oblivion.

The first two chapters, those for Genesis \ Mega Drive are absolutely stunning products, with the first Rocket Knight Adventures rising in all magnificence, backed by a stunning soundtrack, flawless visuals and compelling storyline.


Fast and dynamic shooter, MUSHA (short for Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor ) is a vertical scrolling shooter that ends up in this top 25 of the best games for Sega Mega Drive.

Exclusive Genesis and spin-off of the Power Strike series , it has a decidedly oriental design and, despite a level of difficulty calibrated perhaps a little too low, it is a shooter that manages to stand out in the chaos of those early 90s.

20. Road Rash II

The peculiarity of Road Rash has always been to be able to punch people aboard a motorcycle, a repressed dream of many.

And that’s why Road Rash II deserves to be among the best 25 games for Sega Mega Drive. Extraordinary game , especially in multiplayer, which manages to entertain by distinguishing itself from all other racing games (and then you can also beat the cops).

Raw and tamarro enough to become a great classic.

19. Gunstar Heroes

For many Gunstar Heroes over the years it has become a sort of yardstick between beautiful run ‘n’ guns and those so-so. Spiritual father of many other titles, from Alien Soldier to Cuphead , in his time he brought a breath of fresh air to Sega Mega Drive that was rarely found on 16-bit systems.

Aged very well , it still deserves to be at the center of our gaming sessions on the historic Japanese console.

18. Mega Man: The Wily Wars

The Mega Man saga is one of those that go over practically everything. The Wily Wars is a remake of the first three chapters exclusively for the Sega Mega Drive (for the Genesis, in the United States, it was downloadable online from Sega Channel).

It is essentially a 16-bit re-proposal of an 8-bit classic as it happened so many times in those years, but it allowed access to the title to a whole new generation of gamers.

17. Gynoug

Here we are talking about angels and demons, here we are talking about Gynoug (or Wings of Wor in North America).

This is a classic horror themed horizontal shooter . In six levels (alternating with a mid-boss and a final boss) you really see everything and can give extraordinary emotions. It is a game that is not very well known compared to others, but on which I highly recommend you take a tour.

16. Zero the Kamikaze Squirrell

Zero, the Kamikaze Squirrel is a character already seen in Aero the Acro-Bat, a series that appeared on both Genesis and SNES, as well as this game.

However, compared to the events of the circus bat, Zero offers a much more classic style of play, giving the main character a martial arts fighting style that is impossible not to fall in love with.

There is also a Russian hack of the game that passed it off as Crash Bandicoot for Mega Drive (and needless to do it on purpose, I knew it that way ).

15. Altered Beast

Altered Beast is a true classic, a real milestone in the videogame universe. And it has to be on any self-respecting list of the best Sega Mega Drive games .

Produced by Sega, initially in an arcade version and then also brought to Genesis , it is a scrolling fighting game set in ancient Greece and which draws inspiration from Hellenic mythology.

14. Castlevania: The New Generation (Bloodlines)

Castlevania: The New Generation ( Castlevania: Bloodlines in North America) is the only game in the Konami series to have appeared on Sega Mega Drive. And that’s a real shame .

The game features the classic Castlevania dynamics and mechanics , with a wonderful graphics department , especially in the American and Japanese versions, not affected by the censorship suffered in Europe .

13. Contra: Hard Corps (Probotector)

Contra: Hard Corps ( Probotector in Europe and Australia) is another great classic, thanks to explosions and fights that leave you with bated breath.

The intensity of the action is the classic one of the Konami franchise, which manages to be really frustrating when the difficulty level rises.

12. Disney’s Aladdin

There are several videogames focused on Disney’s Aladdin , but the best of all is undoubtedly the one signed by Virgin Games and originally released for Sega Mega Drive . Completely different from its Super Nintendo counterpart, it has also been ported to DOS, Amiga and NES , but the original remains unsurpassed.

High difficulty from the beginning, mixed with extraordinary graphics , make this platform one of the most important titles among those related to Disney and, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best platformers ever .

11. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine is a game that has come to the fore on Sonic’s long tail of success .

We know, however, that it is nothing more than a western themed version of dr. Eggman by Puyo Puyo , a classic puzzle that has appeared on virtually every 8- and 16-bit console (for example, the SNES version sees Kirby instead of Dr. Eggman).

10. Super Fantasy Zone

Fantasy Zone had been one of the best arcade SEGA games, which had had great success in its conversions for NES and Master System and its sequel, Super Fantasy Zone confirms itself as an enjoyable and likeable shoot ’em up .

Definitely addicting , its gameplay is identical to its predecessor, but the charm of the 16-bit expands its perspective.

9. Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim has appeared all over the place but it is on Mega Drive that he made his first appearance . Everything else, including SNES and Windows, came later ( and sch’use if it’s cheap !).

Goofy , funny , long-lived and suggestive . It is a platform practically without defects , to which you can get passionate without the possibility of denial. Perhaps one of the most innovative of the genre.

8. Alien Soldier

Of Alien Soldier I have already spoken once  . It is a  run ‘n’ gun that puts the emphasis on boss fights, developed by Treasure after the success of the great Gunstar Heroes .

Oriented to the so-called hardcore players , it is probably one of the hardest games I ‘ve ever played in my life. If you have never tried it, on Steam you can find it for 99 cents .

7. Golden Ax

Golden Ax is a fantasy- themed scrolling fighting game , a hard and pure hack ‘n slash , a game that despite its age can still be played as if it were the first day.

On the other hand, how is it possible not to fall in love with those characters like Ax Battler , Tyris Flare and above all the bearded dwarf Gilius Thunderhead ? It will be passion, it will be nostalgia, but Golden Ax remains one of those classics valid for all seasons .

6. Splatterhouse 3

Third chapter of the eponymous trilogy, Splatterhouse 3 is probably one of the best scrolling fighting games of the SEGA console, as well as the highest point of the entire saga.

With clubs, machetes, knives and concrete blocks it is possible to kill enemies in the most spectacular and gory way possible, with important variations and alternative endings .

The only drawback: it was never officially released in Europe .

5. Rest

With Ristar we are faced with one of those games that are part of the huge category of ‘ could have been ‘, seasoned with the protagonist, an anthropomorphic star .

Tied hand in hand with Sonic , Ristar takes up the atmosphere but offers a completely innovative game mode, in which every movement and action takes place by exploiting the grip of the character’s hands , as it would have been seen a bit even in a title as Rayman .

4. Comix Zone

Innovation has always been a must on Mega Drive. And Comix Zone is part of the genre of those games that, like Sonic , Gunstar Heroes or Earthworm Jim, have strongly contributed to the history of video games .

It is a scrolling fighting game that, however, cages the player within a series of cartoons. The whole game, in fact, takes place within a comic , complete with a balloon for the dialogues. Simply unique .

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog is Sonic the Hedgehog and there cannot be a ranking of the best games for Sega Mega Drive that doesn’t include it. Innovative, fast, colorful . When it came out it was a real revolution , on which clones and imitations immediately flocked.

Well, the blue hedgehog became SEGA’s mascot not by chance and the heights of his appearances on Mega Drive \ Genesis will remain unmatched for a historical series that continues today.

2. Midnight Resistance

It is dated 1989, Midnight Resistance , a classic Run ‘n’ gun inspired a little by Heavy Barrel , a little by Contra . It was originally an arcade game, but has undergone numerous conversions including this fantastic one on Sega Mega Drive.

The story is that of Johnny Ford , a special agent who must defeat the drug cartels , who have kidnapped his father Malcolm, capable of inventing a drug addiction serum .

I loved this game and it is still one of my all time favorites. And it’s a shame that it ended up a bit on the back burner , with no sequel or remake. And he would have deserved them.

1. Castle of Illusion

The Mickey Mouse games on 16-bit consoles represent perhaps the maximum splendor of the character and his potential, but they had a peculiarity: they were extremely difficult .

Castle of Illusion is certainly no exception to this rule and, indeed, probably represents one of the highest moments of the Disney house mouse in the videogame world , which in this episode must save the beloved Minnie from the clutches of the witch Mizrabel , who kidnapped because jealous of her beauty.

The music, animations and mechanics are awesome and, for me growing up in the 90s, simply one of the best titles of all time.


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