Best sales prospecting practices

You have a great product or service and want to get your first customers.

What to do to be successful? The best way is to learn how to prospect.

But what is prospecting and how to prospect!

A simple definition of the word prospect ( prospect ) is: Go behind its potential.

Currently, the vast majority of companies already recognize that prospecting customers is essential to maintain competitiveness in the market, especially when it comes to sales.

To better understand, we can understand prospecting as a set of methods that are used to search for and win customers , it consists of analyzing in detail the opportunities offered by the market and aims to identify potential customers.

There are several methods for prospecting customers, and with new technologies new ways are emerging every day, so it is important to stay up to date to stay on top and stay competitive.

Where to start?

One of the biggest challenges for those who work with sales or services is to win new customers, and prospecting customers effectively is increasingly difficult, because the market is becoming more competitive every day.

You must differentiate yourself to get your space and get closer to your target audience.

Prospecting does not happen in a disorderly manner, planning and strategy are necessary.

Study, planning are the main points for the beginning of a good prospecting, and it should not happen only at the beginning of a company, but it must happen throughout its existence.

It is necessary to study first, research has never been more necessary.

With the market competition so fierce, it is essential to research the profiles of possible customers, for this use the technology to your advantage.

Now that you have understood what prospecting is and how important it is, I will present you with practical strategies for good prospecting. Are you ready for some golden tips?

1 – Know your market

In everything we do, it is necessary to know the environment, and it is no different in business, in order to succeed in prospecting customers, it is necessary that you know the market in which you operate or wish to operate.

And when I speak of knowing, I mean not superficially, but in depth.

What is the dynamics of the segment, what is the audience, what approaches are used by the competitor, what are their sales opportunities and the threats to which their business is subject.

When you do a thorough analysis of the scenario, you avoid wasting time and efforts to promote something that is not looking for you at that moment.

Consumer habits change, we don’t consume the same as 20 years ago

Find out about your niche and the competition, when you analyze the competition you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and prepare to overcome it.

2 – Know your Lead (Potential Consumer)

In order to reap good results, it is necessary to know the client, his goals, his needs, his habits and interests.

Consumer behavior is changing, before the seller had all the information about the product, now it is possible to compare products and values ​​on the internet and this has changed the way of buying.

3 – Choose the right time

It is important to know your customer’s purchase journey , in order to choose the right moment for an approach.

If the customer is getting to know your business now, he will need time to create a solid image and for that reason he will seek references and capture information, mainly on social networks, before interacting with you, and when it is the case of a contact respond as soon as possible.

4 – Offer solutions, not products

A good pre-salesperson understands that in the current market, we do not prospect customers for products, the secret when looking for new customers is to offer solutions for their day-to-day demands.

For you to understand better, think that prospecting to be efficient should clarify to the customer how that product or service will be useful in their daily lives.

The products are full of shelves, the internet is making consumers increasingly demanding.

It is necessary to go beyond the physical characteristics of the product, present intangible qualities.

It must be clear that he will acquire a solution and not just another product.

5 – Use technology

The technologies have made the competition in the market more fierce, but it is also there to help your business.

And it is very important that you use these technologies in your prospecting for customers.

LinkedIn is a social network that works very well for B2B businesses in general.

However, you need to know how to use it properly so as not to become a “spammer”, use the tips you saw here to bring value to your lead.

6 – Use E-mails

It is always important that when prospecting your client, you find out which way he prefers to be contacted.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is common for most people not to have time to talk on the phone, and prefer to be contacted by email.

Even so, be careful not to flood your customer’s inbox with messages and be inconvenient and unpleasant.

The interesting thing is that you take a break between one shipment and the next, encouraging whenever you are given an answer.

Another very good thing to do is to send content that really interests your client, and that adds value to him.

7 – Always ask for referrals to your current customers

For you who have a list of old and satisfied customers, ask them to indicate names for you to contact.

This is one of the most effective ways to prospect.

Work with those who are already in your portfolio, do not hesitate to ask for information.

When a customer indicates someone, it is because they believe that person would be interested in your product or service.

In addition to asking for indication of potential customers, it is always good to ask your customers to point out who are your direct competitors, so you will get an idea of ​​the customer’s perception of your market.

8 – Use follow-up techniques and stay in touch after you approach new customers

The prospecting of customers is not limited to the first contact, so it is important that the pre-seller captivates the consumer until he effectively closes the contract.

So to successfully prospect customers, you must create a standard procedure to be performed after the first conversation.

Send emails, make yourself available for future appointments, send virtual presentations of products and / or services, call from time to time asking if you can help in any way. Anyway, keep in touch.

For example, if the customer has just purchased one of your solutions, send an email with a few days deadline, asking him what he thinks of your product, if it is really being useful, presenting other products and / or services that can interest you.

Over time, you can offer exclusive offers to encourage you to buy again.

And remember: no selling on the first contact or doing it and then disappearing.

These after-sales strategies are essential to ensure the growth of your business.

9 – Set goals and objectives

Looking for new customers can be quite a challenge, but it will be easier and more motivating if you set goals and strategies to achieve your goals.

Gathering your team to establish these goals is also very important in prospecting.

For example, you can establish x number of contacts to be prospected daily.

Another interesting action is to determine which ones deserve special attention and should be treated with priority, in addition to defining solutions to offer for each one.

Again, a lead scoring (scoring process) can help you get to know your contact list better and work on it until they’re ready to buy.

10 – Leave the next step scheduled

Always keep in mind that prospecting customers is just the starting point of your business journey.

Much will depend on the particularities of your business

Therefore, when you realize that the customer has really shown interest in what you are offering, make sure the appointment is made for the next contact between you.

Do not miss this opportunity.


Keep in mind that prospecting is not selling! The steps must be well defined and very well executed.

Part of the prospecting is a visit, an informal conversation, showing interest in knowing the prospect’s reality, knowing the territory where you will step in the future

So don’t skip steps.

There is no point in risking successful prospecting by quickly going on sale.

It is also part of the pre-sale process to create a business relationship of mutual trust and make your company known.

Thus, even if the sale is not made at that time, the chance of being sought in the future is great.

The sales process, in order to be well executed and generate good results, needs to go through all stages, mainly through prospecting.

The company that invests the time of its team studying potential customers, its profile, the compatibility, the need for its products and solutions and what the market needs, will have quality leads closing many more loyal and assertive businesses in the long run.

As we have seen, it all starts with a well-defined strategy for prospecting customers.

Now that you’ve had contact with the best tips to succeed in this challenge, it’s time to put your plan into practice.

Know your market, your product and your audience.

Do your homework well and make sure everyone speaks the same language and that it is the client’s language

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