best questions to check personal or work references

Because applicants can be unreliable, lie, or exaggerate to get the job, you need to make sure that all aspects of the job references are real. To do this, you must ask questions, such as those that we will show you below under the topic What are the best questions to check personal or work references?

Why should you ask questions to verify personal or employment references?

Checking references, whether personal or work, is a vitally important process during the recruitment process for your company or business. This process must meet certain primary recruiting and selection objectives , but in short, this is important because it is the only way for the recruiter to verify the accuracy of the skills, achievements and experience that candidates claim to have.

As interpersonal skills are important in the workplace, it is not enough to settle for an applicant providing you with the contact information and name of the previous employer, you should inquire about the type of employment relationship the applicant had with that person.

It is important that the references required of the candidate come directly from a human resources manager, former boss, executive director or any other supervisor of the company from which the employee has been leaving.

It is also really important that the reference is an updated one , that is, that they are not from very old jobs of the applicant, as this is a sign that he did not manage to consecrate healthy and strong labor relations in his old jobs, making it clear how the personality traits in employee performance.

What are the best questions to check personal or work references? Top 8 Questions

The best way to check the candidates’ personal or work references is to contact the recommender directly and ask him key questions to find out everything you need about the candidate, here are some of the questions you can ask:

1. Do you know the candidate?

This is the first question you should ask, with which you will know if you can continue asking more questions and which will confirm if they really shared work ties at a job at a certain time and what relationship united them.

2. How long were you working together?

This is one of the many questions with which you will be able to reveal whether during the job interview, the applicant to enter the company provided truthful information and will allow the recruiter to collect more truthful information .

3. What was the candidate’s greatest achievement while working together?

This is a question that allows us to know how ambitious a candidate is, their interpersonal skills in the workplace and what they are willing to do in their work development , in addition, it allows to know if the candidate due to shyness omitted any achievement or if rather he resorted to exaggeration during his interview.

4. Were you his partner, subordinate or superior?

If you want impartiality to prevail, asking this question will be the best, as it will reveal the hierarchical relationship that existed between the candidate and the recommender, revealing aspects of partiality or impartiality in making the reference.

5. What do you think the candidate lacks to continue a successful working life?

This is a very interesting and important question, because the response from the recruiter will make it clear whether the candidate will be a useful and valuable worker in your company, or you can do without it.

6. Did the candidate receive a promotion at any one time?

Depending on the answer given to this question, you can: reinforce the application because it suits you (if the answer to the question is yes) or try to understand why it did not happen before rejecting it outright (if the answer is no).

7. Why did the worker leave his position?

Here you can find out if it was a resignation of the applicant’s own will or if it was a dismissal and the reason that led the recommender to make that decision.

8. Can you recommend someone else to give references about the candidate?

This question allows the recruiter to find out about other people who can provide reliable information about the candidate and thus adequately corroborate their skills.


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