Best PS3 Games Ever: The Leaderboard

Let’s go and see, with a little nostalgia, the ranking of the best PS3 games ever : a tough choice, given the multitude of titles present. A choice that brings down some tears and some happy memories.

The PS3 represented the generational change between the new generation consoles, a clear leap from the second edition and a new game vision. It did not reach the top of the PS4 success , but it was another time, when those who played video games were just a Nerd (find out what Nerd means in our article).

The premise is the same with regards to the best PS4 games ever : the choice is not easy, each game, in its own way, has a facet that somehow makes it better than the others, especially when we talk in general, where maybe there are those who prefer a genre above all.

In addition, many games in this ranking, already were in the PS4, which makes sense, since the big games a remastered deserve it Always. Now let’s not mess around too much and let’s find out the best ps3 games ever in our article.


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