best programs to make backups in Windows to my files

In today’s article we will talk about What are the best programs to backup my files in Windows? When we talk about backup copies, we refer to a backup of files that are stored in an additional location , in order not to lose these files in case of a problem that damages them.

Over the years, a large number of elements of the physical world are in the digital realm and with this also the data. In the business strategy of any company, the creation of backup copies should be reflected constantly .

Every company has vital data, such as internal audits , data analysis, personnel reports, etc. If it gets lost, it will be an ordeal to collect them all again , so a backup must be kept.

Regardless of whether offices were wiped out by a catastrophe, they were accidentally removed or damaged by ransomware, we always risk losing our information .

However, we have ways in which we can avoid bad times, one of these being the creation of a backup, with which we can be sure that our data is stored elsewhere .

Having had this contextualization, we can dive right into the topic of today’s article, looking at some of the best programs to make a backup in windows, mentioning and explaining each of these programs.

The best programs to make backup copies in Windows to my files

Sometimes backups are made manually using pendrives or portable hard drives, but there are programs that are responsible for making a backup for us , making it easier for us to create these backups because they are done automatically and on a scheduled basis. in some cases.

We could take several hours to get a suitable program to make our backup with, so we have selected some of the best to avoid a long search.

Aomei Backupper Standard

The first program we will talk about is Aomei Backupper Standard . This program is ideal for Windows, since it works for most of the versions that are currently used. We do not have to pay to use the program , giving us free use without seeing advertising, all this despite having a paid version in which it has other options typical of this version.

With this application we can make backup copies of our entire hard drive or some specific files, having a simple to use interface.

Macrium Reflect

Another option we have to make a backup is Macrium Reflect , which has a high compatibility with all types of files . Like the first program, this one is free.

Macrium Reflect, in addition to offering us the service of making backup copies, has functions with which it protects our equipment against ransomware, being compatible with the Windows operating system.

It should be noted that in addition to these 2 programs, we can make online backups , giving us the advantage of being able to make them anywhere and of recovering our files wherever we are. The most suitable program for Windows is OneDrive , offering a number of free GB.

Why should I back up my files?

A backup is a wise decision in any case, because its advantages outweigh the almost non-existent disadvantages that it presents. Some of these advantages are:

  • It gives us a fast backup of our files, with which we are not so vulnerable to any problem .
  • If we do it online, we have the information on any device we want.
  • It frees space on computers, making their operation more optimal.


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