Best Programming Languages ​​of 2022

Have you finally decided you want to start programming or more simply you want to modernize your knowledge as a programmer and keep up with the times but you are still not sure which are the best programming languages ​​and which are the most popular in 2021? Well, you have come to the right place because in this very short article, without wasting too much on useless chatter, I will list the most used programming languages ​​of the moment.


  • Best programming languages
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Best programming languages

In this article I will not explain how to start programming (for that there are many online courses) and indeed I will assume that you know some basic concepts such as the difference between structured and object-oriented programming languages ​​and server-side languages ​​(server side).

Best RunTime programming language

For runtime programs, needless to say, the best programming language remains the old and glorious C and also C ++ but if you want to develop on Windows using the enormous amount of resources of the .NET Framework then I absolutely recommend you to try C # . You can download it for free by installing the Visual Studio 2019 platform in Community version . The syntax of C # is a cross between C ++ and Java but it is very simple to use and the Visual Studio environment allows you to take the first steps in this language without too many problems. Moreover, you can also perform simple ports for macOS and iOS platforms.

If you want to develop for mac systems, I suggest you try Swift ; another Apple object language that allows you to create applications for mac but also apps for iOS. Swift is very powerful but also very recent so you may find it difficult to find information and documentation in Italian.

Best Server Side programming language

Do you want to create portals or websites without having to rely on CMS? No problem, among the best server-side programming languages ​​there is certainly PHP which has now been developed for twenty years and is more than reliable. PHP is a very simple object-oriented language to use with syntax similar to C. In the past PHP has been underestimated and has always had to “lower its head” in front of ASP first and then Java but today there are more and more websites they use PHP and is absolutely popular. Initially PHP was designed for amateur use (its original name was in fact “Personal Home Page”) but its power has made it a leader for the web; in small example? WordPress.

The simplest programming languages

The best programming languages ​​for simplicity are definitely Visual and Phyton.

Visual is the heir of the glorious Visual Basic which ran aground at version 6 but until that version it was certainly the best programming language for Windows IDE applications as it was absolutely simple and fast to use. Visual is its heir, it preserves its simplicity and philosophy but extends its object oriented approach; it is by far the simplest language to learn. Unfortunately, however, Visual has not had the same success as the old Visual basic and is less and less used.

If you use the Office suite you will still be able to use VBA or Visual Basic code integrated with all Office documents.

Phyton is another simple programming language to learn and has the peculiar characteristic of being an object oriented language which is, however, often used also for structural programming. Phyton is not very fast but it is very powerful especially for web applications; to give you an idea… Instagram is developed in Phyton.

As you will have understood, the Best programming languages ​​of 2021 are languages ​​that already enjoy some experience and are obviously all object-oriented; I did not include marker languages ​​and Java Script in the list of the Best programming languages ​​of 2021 because I consider them useful for other purposes and not for programming in the strict sense.

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