Best Names for Featured Stories on Instagram

Although it is possible to create featured stories without a name , many people assign a title to these stories based on the photos they contain. In some cases, users may find it difficult to name featured stories . At Viatea we want to help you, so we will give you some original ideas.

Names for Featured Stories on Instagram

The ‘Highlights’ or highlighted stories are a special function of Instagram that allows you to fix the stories published in the ‘feed’. These are organized in special sections and are located at the top of the profile, just before the posts. The feature allows posted and pinned stories to be visible for as long as the user wants.

The name assigned to each featured story will depend on the content of the story and the purpose of the profile. In this way, the best names for the featured stories will vary if it is a personal account or a company or trade .

Person accounts have more freedom in assigning titles to Highlights. People often rely on special events when naming. A good idea is to put the title of a city or country that you have visited and include all the photos of the trip.

Another great idea for naming highlights is based on who appears in the photos. Many people put titles like “Family,” “Friends,” or “Pets.” Assigning titles of certain specific activities such as “Gym”, “Parties”, “Books” or “Travel” also works for certain users.

The situation can be very different when it comes to a company or a business. In this case, the featured stories should contain titles and images that will attract potential customers . That is why they must also contain relevant information for users.

The best names for featured business stories involve product titles and product photos such as “Monitors” or “Tablets.” Other sections such as “Offers”, “Questions”, “Clients” and “Contests” also offer useful information to clients, so it is a good idea to use them.

Highlight titles are important if you want to attract users’ attention. The names placed must be consistent with the content of the page and the photos that are included. Users can let their imagination run wild and place the title they want, however, it is important that it does not exceed 15 characters.

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