Best Mount & Blade 2 Mods: Bannerlord

How to make this spring’s most epic RPG even cooler

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord appeared in Steam Early Access less than a month ago and managed to break records not only for the number of concurrent players, but also for the number of fan mods released in such a short period of time. We are talking about 600 mods in the first three weeks! Only The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim had a similar resultin 2011.

In this article, we have selected the most necessary and interesting modifications for the early version of the game.

How do I install Bannerlord mods?

The files need to be placed in the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Mount & Blade II Bannerlord \ Modules folder . Then the mods will appear in the game launcher, and from there you can choose which ones you want to activate.

Just let me play

The prologue in the second Mount & Blade turned out to be lengthy and, frankly, boring. If, when starting a new campaign, you want to skip the dull opening hours and immediately start an adventure in the open world, then you can do this using the Just Let Me Play modification .

  • You can download the Just Let Me Play mod here.

Invisible Helmet

The game has a fairly deep character editor (and it can be made even more complex by using other mods from our selection), but why do we need all these hairstyles, scars and tattoos if they are not visible under the helmet most of the time? Many modern RPGs have a Hide Helmet feature. The Invisible Helmet mod adds it to Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord.

  • You can download the modification here.

Yell to inspire

After a successful battle, warriors always celebrate victory loudly. But even before the battle, it would be logical to inspire the soldiers with a battle cry. With this modification, the commander will be able to scream encouragingly before attacking, just like Mel Gibson’s hero from Braveheart. With the same battle cry, you can raise the morale of the soldiers during the battle itself, so that no one even thinks about retreating.

  • You can download the Yell to Inspire mod here.


And this mod is even more interesting: the fan made a real voice control of the army! Watch a short demo in the video above. To work, you need the VoiceAttack application . Unfortunately, there is no Russian version yet.

  • You can download the Screamerlord mod here.

NPC Revamp

Many important characters in the game look like the developers created their appearance at random. The NPC Revamp modification fixes this flaw and adds more personality to them.

  • You can download the NPC Revamp mod here.

Start As An Imperial King

Mount & Blade games do not get bored even after tens of hours due to varied gameplay and an abundance of interesting content. Even the endgame, when you have already become the ruler of Calradia, surprises with new mechanics. If you love M&B most of all just for the second half of the campaign, for all these political intrigues at court and other adventures in attempts to retain the throne, then with the Start As An Imperial King mod, you can start the game right after the king-emperor.

  • You can download the Start As An Imperial King mod here.


A good addition to the previous modification, which expands the capabilities of the king. Now you can appoint vassals from among the close ones and give them possessions in the form of castles and lands. They will become full-fledged lords with their clans and other relevant characteristics.

  • You can download the Rulership mod here.


In the “vanilla” version of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, for some reason you cannot take the property of the defeated lords. This mod corrects this misunderstanding. Now it will be a little easier to get hold of good equipment or a horse.

  • You can download the LootLord mod here.

Frugal Cavalry

When you raise one of your soldiers to a rider, then, logically, he is immediately given a horse. The problem is that for some reason the most expensive one is issued. The author of the modification Frugal Cavalry has changed the priority to the cheapest one: now the best horses will remain for you and your companions.

  • You can download the Frugal Cavalry mod here.

Hideout Player Party Limit Removed

Another fix for a strange misunderstanding: the game does not really explain why it is possible to storm the bandits’ hideouts only with a small detachment. This completely artificial limitation removes the modification with the literal name Hideout Player Party Limit Removed .

  • You can download the Hideout Player Party Limit Removed mod here.


At the final stages of the campaign, when you already have a lot of possessions, the fight against the bandits turns into some kind of endless routine: they broke some, in other places three more maps appeared. The BuyPatrols mod will relieve you of the need to personally deal with each gang, allowing you to recruit special squads that automatically patrol the property and destroy bandits.

  • You can download the BuyPatrols mod here.

Sound the Alarm

Nice addition to the previous modification. In “vanilla” you can find out that one of your villages has been attacked only by seeing it yourself on the global map. With the Sound the Alarm mod , pop-up notifications will appear in such cases.

  • You can download the Sound the Alarm mod here.


For all the emphasis on realism in the past Mount & Blade has never been dismembered, and modders have always added it. A similar story with the second part.

With the Dismemberment modification in Bannerlord, it will be possible to chop off different parts of the body (in this version, only decapitation is still available).

  • You can download the Dismemberment mod here.

Smith forever

In Bannerlord, you can create new equipment and improve old ones, but for some reason a limitation on the work of the forge was introduced into the mechanics. Moreover, even if you go on a hike on the global map and then return, the ability to use the forge will still not recharge right away. Whatever one may say, but will have to wait. This strange limitation can be removed with the Smith Forever mod .

  • You can download the Smith Forever mod here.

Auto block revival

In Bannerlord, the developers decided to complicate the game by adding the need to manually select the block direction with the mouse. That is, you have to carefully monitor what the enemy is doing, move the mouse in the direction from which he is swinging his weapon, and even press the right mouse button in a timely manner. The Auto Block Revival mod simplifies the process by bringing back the auto block mechanics from the previous game. You just need to press the right mouse button in time and the character will automatically choose the right direction to defend against the lunge.

  • You can download the modification here.

Bannerlord Tweaks

A huge selection of various tweaks that change the gameplay. The main purpose is to simplify the gameplay in the early stages of the game. There are many differences from the base game, so let’s highlight just a few of them:

  • Increased amount of experience and glory points for winning a battle.
  • Accelerated food production.
  • More stamina, which means more opportunities for daily crafting.
  • You can download the modification here.

Detailed character creation

Mod expanding the character editor. In fact, there are not so many new options, but there is one of the most important – the age setting. With the help of modification, you can create a completely young or old hero.

  • You can download the modification here.

Full body sliders

With the Full Body Sliders mod, you can customize literally every part of the body of your virtual commander. There is only one drawback: when installing the mod, you will have to replace some files of the original game, so it’s better to make a backup copy.

  • You can download the modification here.

Mixed Gender Troops

The Mixed Gender Troops mod adds a bit of gender equality to the game. After installing it, female units will appear in the game: the characteristics are the same as male warriors. In addition, the mod allows you to set the ratio of male and female units in the army. If you wish, you can even make the army consist exclusively of female warriors.

  • You can download the modification here.

Slow Down

This modification allows you to reduce the speed of movement of caravans on the world map. It is very useful, because at first, when the player has not yet pumped the riding skill, it is almost impossible to keep up with the caravans. This is a real problem considering the number of side quests associated with protecting them.

  • You can download Slow Down here.

Character Export Import

The main character Bannerlord has 18 abilities. Each has a separate perk tree that you unlock by leveling up the ability. It is more difficult to pump some skills. If you want to try out all the perks available in the game (at least in order to understand whether it is worth upgrading this or that branch at all), use the Character Export Import mod. With it, you can set the level of any ability and, accordingly, gain access to the perk tree.

The mod is easy to use: right-click on the character’s name (yes, you can edit not only the main character, but any other NPC) to find him in the encyclopedia. Additional buttons for import and export of the hero will appear on the NPC page. With their help, you can create a text file (look in the Documents folder), change the desired parameters, and then load it into the game, thereby changing any character.

  • You can download the modification here.

That’s all. Remember that many mods may be incompatible with each other, plus there is at least a year left before the final version of the game is released, which means that future updates may break some of the modifications. You will need to go back to NexusMods for new versions. It is not a fact, however, that all authors will update their mods in a timely manner.


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