Best Learning Apps for Kids for iPhone

Thanks to advances in technology, today’s children can understand and use gadgets from an early age. Many people know how to work properly with tablets and smartphones, and can use apps long before they can speak.

Limiting the time children spend in front of the screen is difficult because they easily get addicted to movies, cartoons and apps. How can you make sure your child is assimilating content that is useful to them? Well, there is a lot of great content if you know where to look. The best apps for kids provide a more fun experience and help them learn and be creative.

Here are 3 learning and kid-safe apps ideal for young learners.

  1. Duolingo
  2. LEGO Duplo World
  3. Swift Playgrounds
  4. Duolingo is the best way to learn to read

The Duolingo app helps kids learn to read in a fun way. This is a free application that also works offline. If you have a young child or student learning the alphabet, reading and writing, get this. Adults can also use it to learn a new language.

The lessons are small and your child earns points for answering correctly. They also unlock new levels and receive immediate feedback. The fluency score rises as they build grammar and learn new words and phrases.

The app has been designed by experts in early childhood education and literacy to develop children’s reading, speaking and reading comprehension skills. Duolingo offers personalized lessons tailored to each child’s learning style.

The app is also available for classroom learning to use as part of your kids reading program .

Price: Free


  1. LEGO Duplo World – The best for developing creativity.

LEGO Duplo World is an award-winning educational app that helps kids learn many skills on one platform. It is filled with games and unlimited gaming experience. It helps children to master fine motor skills and emotional skills.

The app is user-friendly and its open playability helps kids explore. It features exciting trains and cars that inspire the imagination and develop the creativity of children through learning.

Kids can play targeted mini games or choose a free game. There are no instructions or time limits, perfect for young children. You can also set a timer that automatically stops the app at a selected time.

The free version offers access to Number Train, one of three lesson packages. LEGO Duplo World provides an imaginary play environment, but also teaches real-world skills such as problem solving, reasoning, sorting, and counting.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $ 3.99).


  1. Swift Playgrounds – Best for programming.

Is your child a computer geek? Download Swift Playgrounds and let them learn to code in a fun way. The app is completely free and has an “interactive puzzle” approach that makes it more fun.

Using the app, kids can learn the basics of programming and experiment with code. It contains the SWIFT code that developers use to build iOS apps.

Children can choose puzzles or step-by-step lessons to develop their knowledge and skills. Swift Playgrounds starts out like a puzzle. Children need to learn where to start and keep testing the code until they find the right solution.

Price: Free


You shouldn’t let kids spend hours watching YouTube Kids or playing video games, which can be addictive. Encourage them to spend this time learning new things and developing important life skills while having fun with these learning apps for iPhone and iPad.

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