best job design theories for improving job performance

If you have a company, you may have wondered what you can do to be more productive and motivate your employees. Therefore, today we come to tell you what are the best theories about job design to improve job performance .

Every time a task is proposed to be fulfilled in your company, instructions are given that must be followed to fulfill it fully. However, these tasks can change, or the means to carry them out, so both managers and team members must know how to redesign the work .

The idea of ​​designing the job is to make it more motivating for the employee , since we know the effects of motivation on their job performance . To better understand this point, in the next section we will tell you exactly what job design is, and how it improves the job performance of your employees.

What is job design?

Work design is part of business science that seeks to understand the factors that affect the optimization of a job in a company. It is a fundamental process, as it will allow you to create works that complement each other to achieve a common goal, working as a team in an integral way.

Whatever design you choose to use should set goals that challenge the employee and make sense of the work to be done. Thus, you would not only be involving him in the fulfillment of his work, but also give him the opportunity to be more participatory and have more initiative in setting objectives.

Essentially, the job design should allow you to simplify the tasks that each employee must perform, and that performing them highlights their interpersonal skills at work . This will lead to each employee feeling more productive and capable, giving them more professional satisfaction.

What are the best job design theories for improving job performance?

Each company should design and follow a work model that can be applied to each department, so that the work in it is pleasant. If the work environment is suitable, employees will improve their performance and be more productive .

In this section we will show you some of the best theories about job design , which will allow you to enhance the job performance of all your employees. Keep in mind that, to test the effectiveness of these theories, you can review the advantages of a 360-degree evaluation and apply it to your company.

Frederick Taylor Theory: Scientific Management

This school tries to find the most efficient way to carry out any task . For this, specific measures must be applied within the work design, whatever it may be. It is currently not very popular.

Theory of human relations

This theory is based on the way in which social factors can motivate the employee and influence his performance. In other words, if the employee’s well-being is sought from a comprehensive point of view, improving their social well-being in the workplace, the employee will be more efficient.

Experts in this theory suggest that employees should work as a team, and that the company’s management should delegate part of their responsibilities. This encourages the strengthening of interpersonal relationships of the members of the organization as a basis for the design of the work.

Sociotechnical theory

This is based on designing the work around the use of some type of technology, optimizing it. To achieve this, they must have experts in the management of that technology, but they must also build social arrangements around it. This would make it more likely to be successful.

Motivation theory

It focuses on the employee meeting their expectations by having a higher demand, either in terms of their effort or their time. In other words, if the job design is more difficult , the employee must have a higher remuneration, and the management must play with these two aspects in order to motivate the employees.

We hope you have understood these theories on job design to improve job performance. And don’t forget to take into account that personality traits influence the job performance of your employees.


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