Best IFTTT Applets

After reading my article and discovering the potential of IFTTT you have decided to get to work immediately but you do not know where to start and then you are wondering which are the best IFTTT Applets? The good news is you’ve come to the right place! In this short article, without getting too lost in useless preambles, I will only show you the best IFTTT applets.

Best IFTTT Applets

Before going to see in detail which are the Best IFTTT Applets I want to briefly remind you of what we are talking about.

IFTTT is a free web platform created to let different platforms as well as home automation devices talk to each other; this through the use of applets (a sort of routine) which, when a given condition is triggered, perform one or more actions (the name itself gives the idea, IFTTT is the acronym for  If This Then That ). So, for example, you can use an applet that when you receive a new message on a social network sends you an alert via a smart device (for example Alexa) The power of IFTTT is actually just that, to make different worlds talk to each other (i your social networks, your email, your smartphone, your voice assistant, your smart devices, etc.) extending their potential.

You must know that each applet uses one or more services (for example Facebook or Alexa) called in IFTTT  services ; applets then are composed of a Trigger namely the triggering event and one or more Action ie the actions that IFTTT must fulfill. If you want to know more about how IFTTT works, I invite you to read this article , now it’s time to “get down to business” and see which, in my opinion, are the best IFTTT applets or those that can be most useful.

So let’s start the list of the best IFTTT Applets with the Get a recommended Applet in your inbox every day applet that will allow you to receive via email the new applets developed for IFTTT every day; in this way you will always be updated.

Let’s continue with Wake up, volume up , a simple but very convenient applet that basically sets the silent mode of an iOS or Android mobile phone in a given period of time. In practice, you can automatically set the phone to silent mode at the time you normally go to sleep and then reactivate the ringtone at the time you normally wake up.

Always among the best IFTTT applets I point out Hey Alexa, call my device , an IFTTT applet dedicated to those like me who constantly lose their mobile phones at home. This app will allow you, through an Alexa voice assistant, to make your mobile phone ring in order to locate it.

If you use Android and are looking for a solution to archive the SMS messages you receive then I recommend you try the Automatically have the texts you receive on your Android phone sent to your email applet which allows you to receive a copy of each text message received on a specific email address. In this way you will be able to delete messages from your mobile phone while keeping an archive on your PC or on the e-mail service.

Are you subscribed to various Youtube channels but cannot automatically be notified when a new video is published? With the Receive a notification when someone you’re subscribed to uploads a new video applet you have solved all the problems because it will notify you with a notification on your smartphone every time a video is posted on a channel you follow. This is one of my favorite applets and it allows me not to miss a single video.

In the list of the best IFTTT applets can not miss the applets that allow you to backup files through clouding services; there are so many and all very useful, to give you an idea, for example, Backup Contacts to Dropbox backs up your contacts on dropbox, but you will also find applets to copy photos from instagram, facebook and so on on dropbox.

Among the best IFTTT applets you will find many that use the geolocation of your mobile phone to know when you arrive or leave home in order to turn on or off the home automation devices or perform particular operations. You can then, for example, turn off the radiator when you leave the house if you have a smart chronothermostat or open the door of your apartment when you get home if you use a smart lock (such as Nuki). Writing the list of the best IFTTT Applets for home automation does not make sense because you will have to use the applets related to your device; so, for example if you have a Nuki smart lock you will have to search on the IFTTT from the search box the word Nuki to find the applets that use this device, in the list of results you can determine the best IFTTT Applets based on the number of users who have enabled them (just look at the number next to the little man symbol in the box of the applet).

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