Best Google Hidden Games and How to Play Them

If you really want to spend time playing entertaining, simple and free games , you need to discover the hidden games that Google offers you from its own search engine or from the Doodles launcher without spending a single euro and without strange installations or downloads. All this can be done from the comfort of your browser on your PC, mobile device or any smart device that has access to the Google platforms that we have mentioned .

In this post we introduce you to the 13 best free Google games, among which you will see two types, first those based on Doodles or those that you can access from its launcher and then those that you can play from the search engine directly and for that. that you only need to do a very specific search. And since we know that you already want to access all of them, we are going to tell you how you can play them all from now on.

Free Google games without installation

As we have already mentioned, you will not need any type of installation or download to take advantage of these Google games and have fun with them, so have the Google search engine at hand and take good note of all the steps and free titles that we will mention then.

T-Rex Run (Doodle)

You probably remember this game or know it under the name of Google’s dinosaur and you can only access it when you don’t have an internet connection . On the same screen that informs you that you do not have a connection, you will see a dinosaur, click on it and you will see that a secret game appears out of nowhere in which your objective is to avoid obstacles. If you need more details on how to access this game, check out our complete guide .

Magic Cat Academy (Doodle)

This game is among the Google Doodles and you can easily access it from this page . This time you will be a cat with magical powers and your mission, destroy the ghosts that try to besiege you and destroy the cat magic academy. You will only have to draw on the screen the symbols that you will see on each ghost , while the difficulty increases. An ideal game to measure your reflexes and also your ability to concentrate.

Garden Gnomes (Doodle)

Like the previous game, this one is also based on a Google Doodle that you can see here and its mechanics couldn’t be simpler . As you will see, you have a kind of catapult to launch the gnomes as far as possible. Press the space bar or click on the screen to start the game and repeat the process to throw the little one as strong and as far away as possible.

Great Ghoul Duel (Doodle)

And as the last Doodle, you have this hilarious online game in which the players are divided into 2 teams . It is necessary to collect the flames that you can see around the stage and take them to the side where the base of your comrades is located, without forgetting that you can also steal them from your opponents whenever you want. It goes without saying that the score is obtained with each flame collected , the one who has achieved the most wins the game. You can access this game from this page .

Tic tac toe ( tic tac toe )

If you Google the words “Tic tac toe” you can access the now classic tic-tac-toe game and, in this specific case, you can select various levels of difficulty . If you want to start, you can select the “X” or take turns if you want or prefer the “O”. The three in a row from Google is available from both the PC or mobile browser .


As in the previous game, you can access it by typing the word “Solitaire” in the search engine . If you are an expert in this game, don’t worry because Google has thought of you and has set a difficult level to challenge you , you will need to drag the cards and place them in order on the marks corresponding to each suit to end the game. It is also possible to play Solitaire from the PC and from the mobile .


Another great classic of time-killing games, the addictive Minesweeper that you can play if you type that same word in the Google search engine. If you have ever played before and you think you are really good at it, this version has three levels: easy, medium and difficult that you can overcome from the browser on your PC or your mobile device.


If you remember you will remember that this game was tremendously popular on Nokia terminals and, like everything that is successful, it was copied over and over again in different formats, versions and mechanics. You can play by typing the word “Snake” in the Google search engine and you will face the typical dichotomy of eating apples without colliding with yourself (while the speed increases). It is also available in your PC or mobile browser and you can move using the arrow keys on your keyboard or, on mobile devices, by sliding your finger in the desired direction.

Zerg Rush

Obviously, you can enter the world of Zerg Rush by typing those same words into the Google search engine. You will come across a motley scene in which Google’s “oes” are getting dangerously close to the bottom of the page. You will need to remove these parts by clicking on them before they get to the bottom. It will not be an easy task but it will be very entertaining .


Who does not know this classic game among classics ? Well, Google also has its own version of Pac-Man, Bandai’s most famous kite that we have all ever played. Search Google for the words “Pac Man” and you can access this fun game from your PC or from your mobile, using the arrow keys on your keyboard in the first case and your fingers in the second.


The Atari Breakout game is so mythical that it almost needs no introduction, it is the typical “block breaker” in which a ball is used that moves across the screen, making it bounce off a moving surface that we can move at will to split and eliminate the bars that we see just above. To access, you need to write the word “Breakout” in the search box that appears in Google Images and remember that you can only enjoy it from your PC.

Google Clouds

To be able to enjoy Google Clouds you will need to use the Google app from your mobile and put the airplane mode or deactivate data and WiFi so that you have no connection . As soon as you try to perform any search, a screen will appear warning you that they have no connection and a bubble will appear with the game , press and you can start having fun. If you are not sure what Google Clouds is about, we will tell you that it is very similar to the mythical Flappy Bird .

Flip a coin ( Flip a Coin )

There is nothing simpler than this game or, perhaps, we should define it more as a hobby or an aid in case of a bet . Search Google for the words “Flip a coin” and a coin will appear on the screen, press and you will be able to throw a coin into the air and make it heads or tails. It may seem silly, but it can help you decide things like who does the housework or if you prefer to watch a series or a movie.


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