What are the best fruits for sexual impotence

Is it even possible to combat sexual impotence by consuming fruits ? It may sound strange, but some scientific research supports the correlation between certain fruits and sexual performance.

A joint study by the universities of Harvard, in the United States, and East Anglia, in England, revealed that a higher consumption of fruit can combat up to 10% the difficulties to have an erection . About 50,000 people participated in the study.

Another conception that may seem strange to men is the relationship between a healthy lifestyle and sexual performance. Problems at the ‘H’ time can be avoided by acquiring a series of healthier habits for the body and mind . The increase in fruit consumption is only one of them.

How fruits can prevent impotence

The research revealed that flavonoids (molecular components found in vegetables, fruits and cereals) are responsible for the improvement in sexual performance. They act in the flexibility and relaxation of the arteries , thus increasing the blood flow to the penis. Soon, it becomes easier to have an erection.

Although flavonoids are present mainly in red fruits, citrus fruits (lemon, kiwi, pineapple, mango, among others) have also been shown to be effective against sexual impotence. In addition, they fight premature ejaculation and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

The best fruits to consume

To start seeing positive results it is necessary to consume at least three servings of fruit per week . That is, if they are not yet part of the daily diet, these foods need to be incorporated into eating habits.

Since many people are not yet in the habit of eating fruit often, they do not know how to start eating it. Adding them to desserts or making natural juices to accompany meals are ways to encourage daily consumption.

The most ideal form, however, is always the natural one, as the person ingests all the healthy components present in the fruits from the bagasse to the peel in their natural states . Instead of satiating your hunger with a cracker, snack or sandwich, try to snack on a portion or more of fruit.

Below are eight fruit options to prevent impotence. Although all are important due to the favorable amount of flavonoids in each of them, they bring other benefits that improve sexual performance and health as a whole .


You have probably heard that saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. In addition to bringing several health benefits, the fruit raises levels of arousal, resulting in better sexual function.

For diabetic men, apple consumption is especially good because it lowers blood sugar levels. Diabetes can cause sexual impotence, so eating fruit has two advantages for people with the disease.


In addition to being able to be consumed in its natural state, blackberry leaf tea also acts as a medicine for erectile dysfunction. The fruit itself increases sexual desire.


Blueberry is a super important fruit for health. Although it is a little difficult for many Brazilians to find it, especially depending on the region of the country, it is great against sexual impotence . It also fights premature aging, aids in weight loss and improves digestion. A world of advantages in a tiny fruit!


Strawberries benefit sex life by improving blood circulation, facilitating the arrival of blood to the male sexual organ, and stimulating libido. Due to the versatility of forms of consumption and the multitude of recipes available on the internet, it is easier to consume the strawberry.


The cherry is famous for being a seductive fruit, but why? The pulp is said to be an aphrodisiac and increases sexual desire. For this reason, it is common for couples to consume them on spicy nights. There are researches that point the cherry red color as a stimulant of libido and adrenaline, however, there are not enough scientific studies to support this fact.


The grape helps to dilate blood vessels, facilitating erection. Wine, the result of the natural fermentation process of the fruit, also has the same effect on the male body. Its consumption, however, must be moderate.


Because it is rich in citrulline, watermelon stimulates the dilation of blood vessels and vascular relaxation. When converted to arginine, citrulline helps the formation of nitric oxide, one of the components of Viagra. Therefore, consuming it makes it easier to have and maintain an erection.

This phytonutrient, however, is mainly concentrated in the watermelon skin. In other words, to optimize the fight against sexual impotence, all the fruit needs to be used. For those who don’t like the idea of ​​tasting the peel, natural juice can be a way to mask the taste.


Raspberry also avoids the risk of erection failure, as well as being a fruit with powerful properties for maintaining health.

How to consume more fruits to fight impotence

It is evident that, in order to combat sexual impotence, it is necessary to change eating habits, right?

These fruits, by themselves, are indispensable foods for the health of the body and mind. The added benefits to them are numerous, but few people include them in their diets. To eat them more often, vary the forms of consumption.

Add blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to cereal or rolled oats for breakfast. Replace powdered artificial juice from lunch and snacks with fresh fruit. The greater the freshness of the fruits, the greater the absorption of healthy properties in their integrity.

Make vitamins, smoothies and even protein shakes. Make fruit salads and add a fillet of condensed milk topping. Fruit jellies are also delicious and easily accessible. In other words, be creative!


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