best free zombie games you can try on your Android

If you like the zombie theme, download all these free games for your smartphone.

Android is an amazing platform to play games. Not only because thanks to smartphones we can enjoy one of our favorite hobbies anywhere and at any time, but because of the incredible number of different titles that we have at our disposal .

Android games of action, racing, platforms, RPGs … and even Android zombie games . And since zombies are in fashion, today we bring you some of the best free zombie games that we can find in the Play Store.

The best zombie games without internet

With these games you will not need a Wi-Fi connection and you can rest easy about not wasting your data rate.

The Walking Dead: Season 1 and 2

If something has made the zombie theme fashionable, that has undoubtedly been The Walking Dead series. And how could it be otherwise, such a popular series with millions of followers all over the world had to have its own video game .

The Walking Dead is a graphic adventure-style game with comic-style graphics and a strong narrative load. Actually the game has several chapters, although the first and second can be downloaded for free . If then you already like the game … you can pay for the following.

Free download The Walking Dead: Season One for Android

Free download The Walking Dead: Season Two for Android

Free download Walking Dead: The Game for iOS


Dead Target is one of those veteran titles for mobile but that has not lost a bit of quality despite the passage of time .

It is a 3D first-person shooter that pleasantly reminds us of such mythical games of our youth as The House of the Dead or Time Crisis and that is enjoyed even more on large and powerful mobiles such as the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro .

Free download Dead Target for Android

Free download Dead Target for iOS

The best multiplayer zombie games

Some of the best zombie games for Android are best enjoyed in the company of other living humans. Here are a few:

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a game very similar to the previous one, that is, a 3D first-person shooter with hundreds of zombies on the screen and a huge arsenal at our disposal.

The difference is that this time we also have a multiplayer mode in case we get tired of always facing the AI ​​and we want to measure our ability against other real players.

Dead Trigger 2 free download for Android

Dead Trigger 2 free download for iOS

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a viral outbreak has wiped out almost the entire human race, our mission will be to survive in this devastating world . For this we will create a character, we will fight against hordes of zombies and we will build our own shelter.

Of course the game has multiplayer content since not only will it be necessary to survive the infected, but also the rest of the survivors while we assault their bases and steal all their resources.

Free download Last Day on Earth: Survival for Android

Free download Last Day on Earth for iOS

The best strategy zombie games

Not everything was going to be hitting left and right or shooting until the gun burns our hands. Sometimes a good strategy can be the best way to kill zombies.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies is undoubtedly one of the reference games on zombie themes. Away from realism, action and blood, the title offers us a very strategic gameplay, a cartoon-style graphic appearance and a great sense of humor .

The idea is to defend our beautiful garden from zombie waves and for this we have to plant plants to defend us . Each plant has its strengths and weaknesses, so thinking about our strategy before acting will be the key to success.

Download free Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android

Free download Plants vs Zombies 2 for iOS

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

We return with another game from the popular The Walking Dead series because it is undoubtedly one of the best strategy titles that we are going to find on Android.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is a turn-based tactical strategy / role-playing game in which you have to overcome different missions, surviving zombies and recruiting allies with the aim of obtaining resources and weapons to defend your base. The game offers a multitude of content, characters and hundreds of hours of fun , and best of all, it is completely free.


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