Best exclusive iPhone apps and their alternatives on Android

The best apps for iPhone have great alternatives on Android, and in this article you will learn what they are.

Having an iPhone means being able to enjoy exclusive apps , both paid and free, that offer extensive quality features to users.

Although these apps are not available for Android, in the Google operating system we can find good alternatives that put at your disposal the same functionalities as the most useful iPhone apps.

In this article we tell you which are those essential iPhone apps and we recommend the best alternatives that you can use on your Android . There are all the most important categories: messaging, photography and editing, entertainment.

Android alternatives to iPhone photography and editing apps

On iPhone you can enjoy a large number of photography and editing apps aimed at the professional field . For this reason, they are very complete applications in which the most important functionalities are not lacking.

Hallide , a manual camera; Apollo: Immersive Illumination , to add light to photographs; Hyperlapse for Instagram , to create hyperlapse with ease; and Affinity Photo , a very complete photo editor that we would like to see on Android , are some of the best iPhone photography and editing apps.

As we have already mentioned, these apps are exclusive to iPhone, but on Android you can find similar functions in the following alternatives .


Snapseed is one of the most popular design apps on Android.

On Android there are many apps to edit photos , but the most prominent of them all is Snapseed .

This tool developed by Google allows you a quick but professional retouching of images thanks to its complete catalog of functions.

Working horizontally and vertically, editing the tones of the photos and developing photos in RAW format are some of the most interesting possibilities of Snapseed.

Play Store | Snapseed

Adobe Lightroom

Another good Android alternative to iPhone editing apps is Adobe Lightroom, also a professional one .

Tone division and lens correction are some of the aspects that can be edited with Lightroom CC, which obviously allows you to tweak the classic photography parameters.

This complete editor for Android does not lack the possibility of developing and editing photos in RAW format and of synchronizing all the images with the PC version of Adobe Lightroom.

Play Store | Adobe Lightroom

Open Camera

The free Open Camera app allows you to save photos in RAW format.

The alternative to the Hallide app that we find on Android is called Open Camera , the best camera app for this operating system.

Automatic stabilizer, different scene modes, white balance, exposure adjustment and taking panoramas even with the front camera are some of the most outstanding functions of Open Camera.

Automatically, thanks to noise reduction and dynamic range optimization , the photos taken by this camera app are of great quality.

Complete and free, this is this alternative to the Hallide app that you can download now on your Android.

Play Store | Open Camera

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

You can get Hyperlapse functionality for Instagram on your Android with the Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile app.

This free and very easy-to-use app allows you to create videos with the hyperlapse technique , similar to timelapse but with greater camera movement.

Play Store | Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

Android alternatives to iPhone messaging apps

In the messaging category we find some of the best native iPhone apps, such as iMessage and Mail .

The reality is that most messaging apps are available for both iOS and Android. In addition, we can mention the case of Spark , an email manager that began as exclusive to iOS and later made the leap to Android.

Being native to iOS, on your Android mobile you cannot download iMessage to talk to your friends or Mail to manage your email.

Without counting on the well-known WhatsApp, in the following lines we offer you some alternatives to enjoy the functions of these apps on Android.


Signal is a good private messaging app for Android.

Signal, which we already recommend as one of the best messaging apps , is an application that relies on the privacy and security of messages to convince users.

It is not something you can configure, the privacy of your conversations exists yes or yes thanks to an advanced end-to-end encryption protocol.

Therefore, if you want to message with other people without fear of leaking the content of your chats, Signal is one of the best apps you can use .

Play Store | Signal


A user writing an email in Gmail from an Android phone.

Well, you can’t use all the benefits of the iPhone Mail app on your Android, what is the best alternative? In this case, we must tell you about Gmail , an email service that you will already know very well .

If you use an Android device, Gmail is the best email manager to use due to its wide variety of functions.

You can use multiple accounts at the same time with ease, schedule the mailing , take advantage of smart writing and many more advantages.

After the arrival of Spark on Android, one of the most useful iPhone apps, Gmail began to have competition, although it is still the best email manager you can use.

Play Store | Gmail


Telegram is always one step ahead of WhatsApp in terms of functionalities.

If you are looking to enjoy the newest functions in messaging apps, you should give Telegram , WhatsApp’s great rival, a chance .

This messaging platform is characterized by integrating the most innovative functionalities in its app, as happened with animated stickers or message editing .

In addition, Telegram is committed to the complete security of its users’ conversations , even allowing the creation of secret chats with messages that self-destruct.

If you decide to use Telegram as a messaging app, we recommend you take a look at the best tricks of the app to get the most out of it.

Play Store | Telegram

Android alternatives to iPhone calendar apps

Apple includes its own calendar app in iOS, as do most Android manufacturers. In addition to this native app, on the iPhone you can enjoy essential apps like Timepage , developed by Moleskine Studio.

Both apps offer you everything you need on a calendar, but what happens when you need those features on your Android?

Fortunately, in Google’s operating system you can find good calendar apps , many of them free, that work as perfect alternatives to iPhone calendar apps .

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the most famous calendar app for Android.

Google Calendar has everything you need in a calendar app: it’s free and has multiple functions to organize your schedule.

You can change the calendar view with just one touch, automatically add Gmail information – flight reservations, for example -, add your personal goals and have events from multiple email accounts.

In addition, as you can see in the image above, it has a dark theme so that its use is more comfortable for your eyes.

Play Store | Google Calendar

DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal Calendar is a free calendar app for Android.

There is always life beyond Google services, which is why we want to talk to you about DigiCal Calendar .

This free calendar app for Android has nothing to envy to iPhone apps like Timepage, as it is loaded with functions to adapt the calendar to your needs.

You can color the events to differentiate them, receive reminders in the form of notifications, plan appointments in local and foreign time , and have a local calendar for greater privacy, among other options.

With more than 5 million downloads on the Play Store, DigiCal Calendar ranks as one of the best alternatives to iPhone calendar apps. What are you waiting to try it?

Play Store | DigiCal Calendar

Android alternatives to iPhone entertainment apps

Entertainment applications represent one of the favorite categories of users, and on iPhone it could not be less.

In iOS we find exclusive apps as well as useful ones like Apple Books , an app focused on reading with which you can read and organize the books in your library, or GarageBand , with which you can turn the iPhone into a recording studio with a wide collection of musical instruments.

These essential iOS apps are not available for Android, but they do have some good alternatives that we will talk about below.


Kindle turns your phone into an e-book.

With your Android phone you can read anywhere if you download the Kindle app, with a simple interface that makes reading comfortable even if it is a phone.

In addition to being able to read the books you have downloaded, on Kindle you can access a library of more than a million books and buy those that interest you, as well as download the free works.

In short, Kindle is a great book manager for your Android that offers you the same facilities as Apple Books.


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