best emulators to play Nintendo titles on your Android

We recommend the best Nintendo emulators on the market so that you can recall the classics of Miyamoto and company in a terminal that fits in your pocket: your Android mobile . Yes, it is possible to play the first versions of Pokémon or even the mythical rescue of the princess kidnapped by Donkey Kong with your phone or tablet.

When we talk about video games, it is impossible not to do so without thinking about one of the leading companies in the sector. Although Nintendo was founded decades ago as a Japanese toy company that gained popularity for its card games, it was one of the first large companies in Japan to venture into the world of bits. The NES came first , then the Super Nintendo , they made the leap to 64 bits with Nintendo 64 , meanwhile their laptops were authentic (and prodigious bricks): the GameBoy, the GameBoy Advance, the Nintendo DS … And today, everything, you fits in the palm of your pocket. We explain how to play the classics of Miyamoto and company on your Android terminal.

You don’t need a big tablet or the highest performing phone on the market. If you have a relatively modern and optimized Android device, you can easily enjoy endless classics that were released for Nintendo consoles, from the 80s to today. The first versions of Pokémon , the classics of Alex Kidd, Super Mario and Luigi when he was a soulless handful of pixels, even the mythical rescue of the princess from the hands of our favorite orangutan, Donkey Kong. Everything, going through RPGs like Golden Sun or using a Nintendo 3DS emulator . Everything is possible that it is on your Android.

As always, we remember that it is necessary to have the BIN file for the emulator to simulate which console exactly you want to run, as well as the ROM files that would make the simile with  cartridges (or cards , in the case of DS). But it will not be difficult for you to search for these types of files on the net or in forums specialized in classic emulation (there are a few). For our part we offer you the best Nintendo emulators. Enjoy playing.

Classic Boy

An emulator that responds to various needs in a single way: it is compatible with BIN and ROM files for the Nintendo 64, GameBoy Advance, GameBoy and GameBoy Color consoles and, of course, for the original of all, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) .

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ClassicBoy (32-bit) Game Emulator

Developer: PortableAndroid


Possibly the best known emulator for Nintendo 64 . It claims to be the fastest when it comes to loading the three-dimensional graphics of the console that saw the birth of such famous sagas as Super Smash Bros or hosted the creation of myths such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarine of Time.

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MegaN64 (N64 Emulator)

Developer: Fastest Game Emulators for Android

Emulator for SNES

It boasts of maintaining original and intact graphics and having good gameplay thanks to its resource management, in addition to having a friendly user interface.

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Emulator for SNES Free (? Play Retro Games?)

Developer: Christopher Underwood

MyBoy! (GameBoy)

One more GameBoy console emulator , with the uniqueness of having Cable Link emulation “with decent speed.”

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My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator

Developer: Fast Emulator


An application to perfectly emulate the classics of Nintendo’s first desktop console without any complications. Like the aforementioned, it is also free, although this also has a Premium version for payment.


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