What is the best day to go on a honeymoon?

Many grooms ask me about the best day to go on their honeymoon. Should I finish the party and travel the next day to enjoy and rest? This question is really common among couples, but I have a piece of advice that will make your decision much easier. Want to know what it is?

By Luciano Martins
Partner-Owner of Casa Petra

The day after the party

Well, if you have doubts about what is the best day to go out on your honeymoon, know that it is not right after the party.

In fact, if the wedding is on Saturday, for example, I recommend that you use Sunday to rest in a hotel.

Learn to enjoy the day after the event. It is very nice to have the opportunity to answer calls and enjoy all the messages you will receive from your friends.

Take the opportunity to meet the family on Sunday night or Monday lunch. Have the opportunity to experience the post-event energy. And take the time to rest, because the days before the wedding are very fast!

So, you can enjoy that energy and share with your friends and family everything that was wonderful on the day of your event.


The best day to go out on your honeymoon

Finally, we saw that nothing is better than a little rest before the trip, right? If I managed to convince you about it, here’s my final advice.

The best day for a honeymoon is from the next Monday or Tuesday after the wedding! That way, you enjoy your complete party and celebrate the union with your loved ones.

Of course, this tip is valid if there really is an elasticity of term for the couple’s vacation.


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