Best Axies to buy in Axie Infinity

If what you are looking for is to create a good combo in Axie Infinity , in this article you will be able to know the 3 best axies . You can take into account that the most used are plants, those of the aquatic and beast type.

However, you can also consider swapping the aquatic type with the bird type. It would only be left to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each one so that you can make your choice.

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  1. What are all types of Axies and what are they for?
    1. Beast
    2. Insect
    3. Mechanics
    4. Plant
    5. Reptile
    6. Darkness
    7. Water
    8. Birds
    9. Dawn
  2. What is the best combo I could buy myself to start with?
    1. With less than a thousand dollars
    2. Looking for variety and with a good budget
    3. For competitive
  3. Where is it advisable to buy Axies and when is the best time to do it?

What are all types of Axies and what are they for?

In Axie Infinity you can find 9 types of axies . They all have different characteristics and you will have to analyze them to create a good combo.


The beast type can be put to compete against plants, reptiles and darkness, since they have a great advantage. These cards have 3 morale and 1 extra speed.


Insects are usually very useful in the sand if they are going to fight against plants, reptiles and the dark type. While it is true, what you can get additionally from him is 3 morale and 1 HP.


This letter includes one of the specials. You can take advantage of plants, reptiles, and darkness. However, they are weak against sunrise, bird and aquatic types .


Plants will always be much stronger than Bird, Dawn, and Water-type cards, so feel free to use them. You can get 3 HP and 1 additional morale.


The reptile types are strong if you face them against the bird, dawn or aquatic types, however, not so much when it comes to the beast, insect and mechanical types. Additionally you will have 3 HP and 1 speed.


The one of the dark type is another one that is among the special ones. This can give a bonus of 7.5% for those cards of the plant and reptile type. They are strong against the aquatic, dawn and bird types.


The aquatic type is strong against beasts, insects, and the mechanical type. If you use them you can receive the 10% damage bonus . A big advantage is that it is versatile and has a lot of speed and HP.


Birds can show their strengths especially when you face them against the insect, mechanical or even beast type. You can see that they provide 3 bonus speed and 1 morale.


The cards of the dawn type can be put to fight against those of the  beast, mechanical and insect type , since they are stronger than this one. This is also a special type

What is the best combo I could buy myself to start with?

If you are looking to create a good combo , what you can do is analyze the 3 best axies . It is recommended that you choose one of the plant type, another of the beast type, and finally you can select one of the aquatic or bird type.

With less than a thousand dollars

Yes, it is possible to start playing by investing less than a thousand dollars . What you have to do is make a good choice of the combo and find axies at an affordable price for you.

Looking for variety and with a good budget

You can buy axies and the prices will always vary, which depends on many factors. You must be very careful, since there are axies that are not worth buying and the main reason may be their high price . You can start by evaluating both the supply and demand of each one to find out what is convenient for you.

For competitive

So that you can compete and have an advantage, evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of the axies. It is good that you have a tank in your team. Also select an axie with which you can potentially improve your equipment. It is also good that you have one to weaken the opponent and an axie that generates all the possible damage.

Where is it advisable to buy Axies and when is the best time to do it?

Axie Infinity has an official market where you can buy the axies you want . This is called a marketplace and you will need to create an account to navigate it and buy your axies.

The cost of axies on the market can vary a lot, so the best thing you can do is take advantage when the price drops.


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