The dental crowns are small pieces shaped teeth replacing a normal tooth on the gum patient. On the other hand, the provisional crowns are the same pieces that are placed on a damaged tooth or dental implant on a provisional basis, while the fixed restoration is being carried out in the laboratory.

The function of the provisional crowns is to protect the tooth against pain and hard tissues against microbes, so that the patient does not feel discomfort while eating during the period of treatment, to prevent excessive gum growth, to give it an aesthetic touch to the smile … And for much more. In fact they are an ideal element for the patient to make the final decision. And, if we talk about provisional crowns, we have to talk about Dental Good Deal , where you will find the best assortment of provisional dental crowns.


Dental Good Deal, the best assortment of provisional crowns

If you are looking for provisional dental crowns, at Dental Good Deal you will find the best assortment. With brands like 3M Espe, Coltene and Kent Dental.

Translucent Provisional Crowns

Kent Dental provisional crowns, made of polycarbonate. These are translucent dental crowns, quick to adjust and universal in color for all clinical cases.

Pediatric Crowns

Provisional 3M Espe stainless steel crowns, with quality alloy and which can last several months. They allow easy insertion and retention: quick and precise adjustment thanks to the elasticity of the metal and its anatomical shape.

They are recommended for pediatric dentistry to maintain the interdental space, alternative to composite and amalgam. It can be used in long-term cases in adults.

Crowns Componeer

Coltene enamel crowns system, manufactured in nanohybrid composite, prepolymerized, for the previous restorations in direct method. It combines the advantages of direct composite restorations and prefabricated crowns.

The crown is 0.3mm thick. The micro retentive structure of the inner surface optimizes and increases the longevity of adhesion. The crown does not require special internal treatment.

Protemp crowns

Provisional 3M Espe malleable composite crowns that harden by light and allow a custom fit. Designed for provisional use in molars, premolars and canines. Available in 9 different sizes in color A2, which can be used for the right or left side. The provisional crown can be performed in half the time than usual (less than 4 minutes). Its custom fit facilitates marginal integrity and gingival health. They do not need matrix or previous printing.

Provisional Polycarbonate Crowns

Temporary dental crowns in fiberglass polycarbonate and translucent universal color of 3M Espe that allows a perfect molding and marginal adaptation.

The small reference bars marked red allow an easy and quick choice of the crown.

ISO-FORM crowns

Provisional crowns of 3M Espe of high purity tin / silver alloy, which guarantee biocompatibility with periodontal tissues, are not galvanic and leave no flavor. They offer protection of preparations for 2 to 5 weeks.


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