Best applications to write books from your mobile?

Writing is a way of presenting ideas, and the best way to write is with applications that motivate you to do so; That is why here we bring you the best applications so that when writing you do not get bored and encourage you more and more to continue writing, challenge yourself and become better every day.

Since these apps will motivate and make you excited about the progress you will have, go ahead and discover all the ideas that you can gather with these recommended and very good applications for writing books from your mobile .

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  1. What are the characteristics that a good App should have to write books on your cell phone?
    1. Structure and organization of content
    2. Editor experience
    3. Ability to export any project
    4. Write functionality
  2. What applications can I use to write books on my mobile and how to use them?
    1. Scrivener
    2. FreeMind
  3. How to motivate myself to continue writing on my mobile with an application?
    1. Write or Die
    2. Focuswriter

What are the characteristics that a good App should have to write books on your cell phone?

An app has to have many functions and options to help you develop your texts. Next, we will tell you what is the most important thing an app has to have to help you write books better.

Structure and organization of content

The structure and organization of the content is the way in which the apps will be represented to write a book, an organized and precise structure gives a good impression and it will be easier for the reader to understand the expressed content, that is why it is recommended that this type of app are very neat.

Editor experience

It is recommended that you know how to use tools such as Word or iWork very well , whichever one makes you more practical for this, so then when editing you are an expert. However, these applications usually have a very friendly interface and people learn to use it in a very short time. Even its most advanced tools do not present any difficulties when being implemented in a document.

Ability to export any project

Apps must have the ability to export everything that is useful for your new text, so you should use the best applications such as Scrivener or Freemind that we will tell you later why they are an excellent option to use.

Write functionality

The most important thing is that at the time of writing you can write everything you want and even that it has many functions so that it does not become so difficult for you to write your new book , the role of the applications will always be to help you do your work a little easier, so you should look for the one that best suits your needs.

What applications can I use to write books on my mobile and how to use them?

Many applications that are created to write books work simply like a notepad, however, there are other applications that are more useful when writing books, let’s see two of these:


This is a widely used application, and even novelists nowadays use it to create great content; thanks to the fact that this application offers you many tools that will make writing easier. Although it is paid, it has very good offers for you, they even usually have promotions in some months of the year.

Now, when using a new application it is difficult for you to adapt, so Scrivener helps you adapt to it, this is because it has a lot of diversity of programs to make it easier for you to use it every day.

Scrivener despite being created to write, not only serves to organize your text, since it is not only important to write, that a good text is worth if your reader will not understand what it says why it is not organized. That is why this application will help you to organize your text in a much more fluid and congruent way.

But how is the operation of this application? Very simple, you just have to open a new template of all those offered by this application to write texts, which even has novel formats included . You can choose what type of template you want.

The template includes content such as cover and other things, here you can write to your liking. The simplicity of this application will let you know from the beginning how to use it, so don’t worry if you are a beginner. To write novels you must take into account four processes such as: Chapter, Characters, Scenarios and Compilation. As you open new tabs, the app will explain how to use each tool.


FreeMind is a desktop app that allows you to make or develop mental and conceptual maps. This is programmed on the Java platform. Also, it is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and can now be downloaded on Android .

It is also used to collect or analyze information on general ideas presented in working groups, since with it it is possible to create mind maps and publish them on the internet as an HTML page. It also allows you to edit hierarchical ideas of a concept exposed in a file. This application guarantees its reuse, since its files are saved as XML.

It is a useful application for writing, since concept or mental maps help you to raise ideas in order to express them better. It is like making a summary and then having your mind clear about what you want to express and making a more precise and organized text. Freemind offers you the following options that you can use:

  • The menu bar has various functions that this app provides for those who access it, these include tools to build and customize your maps.
  • It has a formatting bar, with this you can use accesses of the menu options faster, since it saves those that you have already used previously.
  • It has icons to be integrated, they are usually very comfortable when creating concept maps.
  • It has a root node, this is the first node, then the rest of the nodes are integrated.
  • The edges are lines that join the nodes, you can choose them in your own way.

How to motivate myself to continue writing on my mobile with an application?

Although there are many applications for writing books , it is always recommended to have a word counter on your mobile to more accurately record the amount of content written, you can also count on these tools to promote greater motivation in your work.

Write or Die

Write or Die is an online app, which is designed to generate speed in your writing , since it will motivate you to be faster and faster, since you have the option to punish yourself if you slow down or stop writing. write in your text.

These punishments must be imposed by the same user, many famous writers use this app to finish their texts quickly, so learn how to write faster on your cell phone so that you can successfully use this app.

Now, as time goes by you will have to write as quickly as possible while the sentences are rushing you so that you remain constant and thus you can fulfill your purpose. You will choose how many words and at what pace you want to write.

There are several modes that you can use and customized according to your objective. It is from the Soft mode that you can use at the beginning to Kamikaze, which if you do not go to the rhythm will begin to eliminate words from your text as a punishment.

If you just write, not much will happen, although if you do not fulfill your purpose and get distracted you will have an immediate sanction. At the beginning you are the one who will configure how many words and the time limit to write them in said application, as well as the punishments that you prefer. Also here you can export your literary content via email as a Dropbox or Clipboard text file.


The Focuswriter application serves to edit your text or make your writing process a little easier, it also helps you avoid distractions during this process.

Focuswriter leads you to have a fairly simple interface, without elements such as icons or bars. You will only have one sheet where you can write your text with all the words you want. It has its toolbar hidden at the top of the screen in order to have a completely blank screen without removing your editing tools. The main features of Focuswriter are the following:

  • It has a full screen without distraction.
  • Correct spelling.
  • By typing auto-saves, this will help avoid losing any progress.
  • It has TXT, RFT and ODT supportfor your documents.
  • It has a timer and alarms that will help you a lot.
  • It has custom themes, contains a variety of themes and you can even create one.
  • You can set daily goals, set goals and the same app will show you when you meet them.
  • It offers you support in your documentif you wish, since it is optional.
  • It has the portable mode with it so you can choose if you want to activate it, since it is optional.


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