best applications to control and measure glucose from the cell phone

In today’s article we will talk about What are the best applications to control and measure diabetes or glucose from the cell phone? Before we dive into the best applications, we have to know What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease caused by a problem in the pancreas, causing it to not produce a certain amount of insulin that the body needs.

Insulin is only produced in the pancreas, with the objective of maintaining optimal levels of glucose  in our bloodstream. It should be noted that glucose in cells is converted into energy, which is used for tissues and muscles.

According to the report on diabetes from the World Health Organization, in the world in 2014 there were 422 million people with diabetes. With this number of people with the same condition, a significant percentage returns it .

Measuring glucose in the blood is part of the treatment for diabetes, indicating when an insulin injection is necessary, controlling the values ​​in our body, this measurement being necessary 4 or 5 times a day. With this amount of daily measurements, it is not surprising that there are applications that help monitor and measure glucose.

Taking this contextualization, we can fully delve into the subject that concerns us in today’s article, seeing the best applications to control and measure glucose from the cell phone. We will mention and explain each of them.

The best applications to control and measure glucose from the cell phone

With the passing of the years and the advancement of technology, there are more and more applications that facilitate activities of daily life , such as applications to organize schedules .

These types of applications also come in a format that is intended to monitor glucose, but they do so at different times of the day. All this in a programmed way to take a weight off our shoulders.

There are a large number of applications on the internet with the same objective of measuring glucose from the cell phone, so it would take a long time trying to choose the one that best suits us . And that is why below, we will show you some of the best applications to control and measure glucose from the cell phone.

FreeStyle LibreLink

The first application that we will talk about today is FreeStyle LibreLink, which is an application that speeds up measuring the glucose level from the cell phone. One of the requirements that the app needs to use, is to undergo a sensor that lasts 2 weeks on the skin collecting data .

From the application you can observe the glucose level every 8 hours. Part of the benefits we have with this application is that it limits constant pricks to measure glucose .

Blood Glucose Tracker

Another application that we will see today is Blood Glucose Tracker. To use this application we must know how to speak English, but if the language is not an impediment for us, we have an excellent application. With Blood Glucose Tracker we will have graphs of our monitoring, which make it easy to understand the levels of glucose in our blood.

In addition to this, there is the possibility of exporting copies from our phone, which we can even use to share with the specialist we are assisting for a control.


Finally, we will observe gluQUO which is an application that provides us with information about our glucose levels , also based on the meals we consume and the probable calories they provide us. This application has a very nice interface to look at.

How else can you treat or fight diabetes?

Having already seen the best applications to measure and control glucose through the cell phone, we must know that there are other ways with which we can treat and combat diabetes . Some of these ways have been following a healthy diet, constant sports physical activity, injecting insulin as indicated.

Ideally, among the personal goals of a diabetic person are all the aforementioned habits, since they improve the person’s health, increasing their quality of life .

Healthy diets are usually accompanied by snacks, which are designed by companies whose business strategy is to manufacture them without sugar, benefiting a part of the population that has this condition


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