Best applications for urban cyclists or virtual indoor?

Recently, we have seen how cycling has taken a boom in all parts of the world; And it is an activity that the little ones can do with adults. This is a very dynamic sport, which works as part of recreation with the family and also as part of a person’s training.

A person who likes cycling and sees it as part of his life, spends time in races and meetings with friends and colleagues in order to train more and more. And now, they don’t necessarily have to hit the streets in order to train; in gyms they have machines that allow virtual indoor.

When we talk about the virtual indoor we refer to aerobic physical activity, which from a machine placed on the ground, can develop strength, endurance and speed with rhythms of music. In fact, technology in this field has advanced, as there are already gadgets that are interconnected to applications and facilitate the collection of data from cyclists on the streets and in the virtual indoor.

What are the best apps for cyclists?

Cyclists often use applications in their training and races that allow them to know in detail truthful information  before, during and after their training. Therefore, if you are looking for any of these applications, here in this article we will show you which are some of the most used in this.

The first application that we can mention to you is Strava ; one of the most famous applications for this is as a social network for athletes and cyclists. In it, you can take advantage of all the functions, such as monitoring all your physical activity being recorded for you  and so that at the same time you can share it with your friends, right there.

It is a completely free application from the Play Store ; Even with it, in addition to measuring your performance such as your heart rate or your power, you can do more. When we say that, we mean that, as it is a social network, you can share on your wall the best photos and stories of your bike tour.

Another good option to measure your activity, whether on a stationary bike or on the streets, is Komoot, which is also a free application and works without an internet connection . With this application you can have the option of marking your routes, offering you  a voice-guided GPS navigation that shows you the way.

Besides all that, with Komoot you can create an agenda or itinerary for all your sports , such as cycling; and as we already mentioned, to be able to mark the way forward. Although it is a free application, you can buy regions to do your workouts without an internet connection and individually, you can pay 4.99 euros.

The third known good application is, TrainingPeacks , which helps all advanced cyclists to prepare for a long time for their most important races. With this very useful tool, you can plan your workouts and keep a complete control of them, and thus know where to improve.

For that, the TrainingPeacks mobile application allows you to create routes and establish, before each exercise, zones and thresholds that help you have a quality training . In addition, with it you can create and establish an exercise plan with a good trainer and even buy a training plan or do it yourself.

What other apps are useful in your training?

It is very appropriate to use applications that mark the route or that keep training records; But, it is important to have applications that help us to know more about the vehicle we use. Therefore, here we will mention one that you can download for free on your mobile and be able to count on them.

Among all the applications that can be found is, Bike Repair , in which you can find many guides and take advantage of them to learn how to repair your bicycle. In this useful tool, you can learn how to patch your wheel or how to fix your brakes easily and be seen as an expert.

As a good bonus of this application, you will be able to keep a record of the maintenance that you give time after time to your bicycle, and thus be able to program a better service. Also, Bike Repair, helps you with very practical advice that will help to improve the clothing in your workouts and what you should know about discomfort when driving .


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