What is the best age to get pregnant?

What is the best age to get pregnant?


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Although many women today have decided not to have children, there is still a large portion that dreams of motherhood.

For some of them, however, professional success is a priority and getting married and having children is for a second phase of life, after her career is already consolidated and she is even able to raise a child on her own, without the need of a father present sentimentally and financially.

In all cases, for women who prioritize motherhood or those who decide to become pregnant later, a common question is: what is the best age for the baby’s pregnancy?


Even with the first menstruation, a sign that the woman’s body is already able to receive a fetus, does not mean that it is already perfect from that stage. Experts point out that only after the age of 18 the female genital system reaches its full maturity.

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Thus, it is recommended that women have their first child from the age of 20, until the age of 30, when the woman’s fertility is at its peak.

Ideal time

Anyway, there is no mathematical and scientific formula that shows the best age to get pregnant. In fact, this moment depends much more on the emotional conditions and the logistics involving the woman and the pregnancy.

If she feels ready to raise a child, if this is the right time both personally and professionally, then she has probably arrived at the right time.

Time change

Also a social issue, the average age at which women have their first child has changed in recent times. A few decades ago, the average was between 22 and 27 years. In 2006, the number of women over 35 who were in their first pregnancy increased considerably.

The health factor

Having a child depends much more on psychological conditions, however, the later the pregnancy occurs, the more problems can occur.

The first one is related to egg production and quality, which decreases with time, increasing the difficulty of pregnancy.

In addition, the risks of complications such as abortion, hypertension in pregnancy, premature birth and malformation of the fetus are greater.

However, with the advancement of medicine, a well-planned pregnancy accompanied by healthy eating, physical exercise and regular medical monitoring can make the pregnancy very smooth and without major problems for both mother and baby.

Advantages of a late pregnancy

Although the majority of studies show that it is better to be a mother while you are younger, there are others that claim that as long as the woman’s biological clock works, the woman who is a mother between 30 and 34 years of age will have better health in the long run than that who was a mother before the age of 20.

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According to these studies, women who are mothers aged 27 to 34 have several health benefits. One example studied was that early mothers had more problems, while those who had a late pregnancy had fewer problems.

In addition, more mature women tend to be at lower risk, in addition to being well resolved in terms of education, finances and psychologically.

While younger women may suffer interference in educational achievement, they are more likely to become single mothers, suffer from unemployment and even have a low financial income.

Anyway, before deciding on the best age to get pregnant, the woman needs to consult a specialist doctor and, together with him, make an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages that can occur. Aware of all possible developments, it is possible to make a conscious choice, which is beneficial to everyone.


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