Best 5 gadgets for your TV

You might like to deny it, but TVs are slowly aging and fading into the background, mainly due to the advent of smartphones and other digital gadgets. Because now say for yourself; you probably rarely watch your favorite TV shows anymore. Fortunately, TV producers are doing everything they can to stay alive, and many people do have a Smart TV at home.

Do you already have a Smart TV or do you want to give your old TV a boost? Then you can do that very easily by adding modern gadgets. Below is an overview of five fantastic gadgets that will turn your TV corner into a real entertainment center.

1. Wall unit

A wall bracket or TV wall unit can completely transform your living room. From a pathetic box with a large TV on top to a serious home cinema. A wall unit is almost a requirement for this. Hide your TV when you’re not watching TV? You can’t think of it as crazy as it is possible.

By hanging your television on the wall or placing it in a wall unit, you will create more space in the house and it will also provide a neater arrangement. Essential to completely suck you into that movie and forget about the world around you. You can take a look at the furniture from Nancy HomeStore if you are looking for the perfect wall unit for your situation.

2. Sound bar

A soundbar is indispensable to turn a regular TV into a real entertainment center. That’s because the experience of your favorite shows and games requires optimal sound quality. A good audio output is a must for this. Ordinary loudspeakers can be large and thus take up a lot of space. Moreover, with two speakers you are not there yet if you really want to create a home cinema experience. Enough reasons to go for a soundbar. Admittedly, it is still not an official 5.1 system with 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer, but you come a long way with the built-in DSP and smart software.

There are countless beautiful soundbars for sale from well-known brands such as Sony. You can also go for a connected soundbar that can also stream music when your TV is turned off. Sonos has a few nice options in that regard.

3. Network Player

With a network player or streaming box, you can easily watch all popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo and Disney+ on your TV, even if it is not a smart television. A good example is the Nvidia Shield that we use a lot ourselves. Even gaming is possible with this!

4. Next Gen Game Console

A high-end console cannot be missed in a nice entertainment corner. Gaming on your PS4 Pro? That’s so 2016! A PS5 really has a lot more power and can really make 4K televisions come to life. You can’t actually do that with the previous generation of consoles.

5. Dress up

Do you also hate all those visible cables that run down from your TV? If you would like to hide the TV cables – so that your house does not look so cluttered – then thanks to various kits you can hide the cables in the wall behind the TV, and they only become visible again near the socket.

You can also think of cool Lego to show your favorite movie franchise.

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