Best 20 Quotes:of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Guru Samarth Swami Ramdas

Samarth Swami Ramdas was a famous saint of Maharashtra. He was the guru of Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji. Many great men were also inspired by his priceless ideas. His ideas gave a new direction to the people and society. Not only this, you will make the path of your life easier by following their ideas.

Here are his 20 precious ideas for the readers…


* Do not use your power to hurt others without any reason.


* Always live on the strength of your hard work. Do not crumble on the pieces of others.


* One who commits wrongdoing and earns money by dishonesty, one who is unintelligent and such a person is foolish.


* Should help others when the time comes. The creature that has taken refuge should be forgiven.

* Important works should never be ignored.


* Before talking on a topic, think on that subject.


* Before starting any work, it is necessary to know about that work.


* When two humans talk and the third one gets upset between them, that person is stupid.


* Before going on a path, it is important to know where that road goes.

* No fruit should be eaten without knowing it.


* We must not forget the promise we have made.


* We should use our power when the time comes.


* We should not let anyone else do our favor. If someone does us a favor, we should return that favor too soon.


* A person who becomes rich from poor and forgets his old relationships, a person who remains rich always remains poor and that person is foolish.

* Do not deal harshly with anyone. No creature should be killed.


* Those who have never hurt us, should not hurt them.


* One should go for the journey only after taking into consideration the rain and the right time.


* A person who does not have intelligence, does not have wealth and does not have courage, is a fool.


* One should not get out of the house for a distant journey at night.

* No one should say bad words while talking. If someone insults you, they should not bear it.


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