Is your fellow reader a person who likes to smile at those around you? For example, smiling at family, relatives, or coworkers in the office. There are some negative people who conclude that giving a smile only looks like being ‘friendly’, even though the original is not. If a fellow reader meets someone who thinks like this, just ignore it. Because in reality, giving a smile to others can provide many benefits for us!


Well in this article, we will explain the 7 benefits of a smile that we will get when we apply this in the world of work. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Smiling can Reduce Stress and Anxiety. 

The first benefit we can get from smiling is that it can reduce stress and anxiety. Through the smile we give to others, this can increase the positive aura that is in us and make us feel happier.


In the world of work, we will find many challenges and obstacles, both small and large obstacles. If we are not good at smiling, we will get stressed easily! A clear and positive mind is needed to deal with problems in the office. For example, important documents for meetings later in the afternoon are wet with spills of coffee on our desks. That may be something that can make us very frustrated. But if we deal with it with a calm mind and try to smile at the incident, then our brain will run smoothly to find a way out.


Another example, when we feel tense for presentations in front of clients, smiling will make us more relaxed and fluent in public speaking, no stress and anxiety will stay away!


2. Smiling can Help to Release Endorphins. 

In addition to helping keep stress and anxiety away, smiling will make us happier. Even though we are actually in a pretty bad or unpleasant condition. Someone who is cheap to smile, his brain will feel happy like someone who has eaten chocolate or exercised.


Endorphins are the same hormones that are usually released when we exercise, and these hormones can make us feel much better, more motivated and avoid stress or worry. The endorphin hormones in his body are all excreted, so that no matter how many work tasks are piled on the table, we will still feel happy.


Who doesn’t want to work with happy feelings ? We all want it, right ?!


3. Smiling Makes Others Like to Interact with Us. 

Research shows that someone who smiles more will be approached by others. People will feel more comfortable interacting with individuals like this. Imagine if we are a new employee in a company, then we meet with new colleagues who do not smile at all to us. When he saw our faces, he snatched like a lazy person to meet new people.


Surely we will feel awkward to say hello, right? Unlike someone who smiles warmly at us, that person shows a friendly attitude that encourages us to want to interact without feeling awkward. That is why giving smiles to people, both those we know and those who are not yet known, is a positive attitude that needs to be applied in the work environment.


4. Smiles Are Contagious!

Have you ever met a fellow reader who smiles at you, automatically your fellow reader smiles back at him? If the answer is “ever”, this further supports the statement that “a smile is contagious”. Although when we smile we do not get a smile back, but actually in the minds of these people, they are very happy to get a friendly smile from us. I say this because this has happened to me.


At first I would feel strange and awkward why that person smiled at me, but I was very happy to get a warm smile, and it really made my day more positive. Smiles can spread in our work environment. For example, a fellow reader is someone who likes to give a smile while saying the word “thank you” for the help that a colleague gave you. Over time, this will become infected and become the habit of your other colleagues. Everyone will really like to smile friendly.


5. Smiling Can Help Increase Productivity. 

Because smiling can make someone feel happier and more positive, smiling can make our days more cheerful and enjoyable. When we are happy, think positive and cheerful, the motivation within us will increase.


As a result, we will be more enthusiastic in doing any work assignment. This sense of enthusiasm will help improve our work productivity , and our performance will certainly improve as well. From here, we can clearly see how it is only by “smiling” that our work lives become much easier and more enjoyable.


So, if your fellow readers want to be more productive in the office, don’t forget to smile!


6. Smiling Can Create Gratitude. 

Smiling will make us realize that the life we ​​have now is a much better life than that of others. There are many people who might not be able to enjoy life, as we feel now. They may not have a home, are feeling sick at the hospital, and so on.


That way, smiling will help us to develop gratitude in ourselves. When we are grateful for everything that exists, life will feel more peaceful and work will feel fun.


7. Smiling Makes Us Look Younger. 

Research shows that smiling can make us look younger than the original age! The average results of these studies say that when we smile, the smile that we do naturally will “lift” our faces and can fend off the lines of wrinkles that we might have on the face. As a result, our faces will look younger and attractive! Who knows by smiling often, fellow readers will look the youngest in the office


by Abdullah Sam
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