Benefits of sitaphal or custard apple

Sitaphal is very tasty and sweet to eat. Custard apple is very beneficial for our health. It contains many nutrients like fiber, anti-oxidants, protein, vitamins and minerals. Sitaphal is found in abundance in calcium, iron, magnesium, niacin and potassium. The medicinal properties present in it prevents many diseases.

Benefits of custard apple

  • Sitaphal contains copper and fiber which increases digestibility and eliminates constipation. Sharifa prevents stomach related diseases like indigestion, ulcers, gastric and acidity.
  • Sitaphal is found in plenty in potassium and magnesium which helps in controlling blood pressure levels.
  • Sharifa is a good source of magnesium that prevents heart attack and relaxes muscles. Along with this, the vitamin B6 present in it helps in preventing the risk of heart disease.
  • Custard apple contains riboflavin and vitamin C which is very good for the eyes.
  • Sitaphal is a good source of vitamin B complex that helps calm stress, irritability and depression and relaxes the mind.
  • Consuming custard apple during pregnancy is very beneficial. Sharifa helps in the development of the fetus’s brain, nervous system and immune system. Consuming sitafal reduces the risk of miscarriage, premature labor and labor during labor.
  • The vitamins A and C present in custard apple are very beneficial for the skin, eyes and hair of the fetus.
  • The fiber found in sitaphal helps to slow down the absorption of sugar and reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes. Vitamin C present in it controls blood sugar levels in the body.
  • It is found in plenty of iron which is helpful in treating anemia.
  • Sharifa is rich in Vitamin A which helps in keeping our hair, eyes and skin healthy.
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