Benefits and Properties of Basil Leaves

The basil leaf is a very familiar leaf for all of us. So we are less aware of the quality of the basil leaf. Tulsi is a medicinal plant, considered as an antioxidant repository. The scientific name is ‘ Ocimum Sanctum ‘. The word tulsi means that there is no comparison. In English it is called ‘ Holi Basil ‘. This leaf contains aromatic bitter bitters, aromatic qualities. It is used for cold, cough, fever, worms and pesticides and antiseptic. It is also used as a medicine to cure cancer. So let’s find out the pros and cons of basil leaves –

. Sardisaki: –

The juice of the basil leaves is very useful in Sardisaki. If the cough is made by adding a little basil leaf and ginger juice, mix it with a little honey and eat it. It also helps to relieve sore throat, freezing cold.

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  1. Helps reduce fever: –

Tulsi has the power of disinfectant, fungicide and bacterial destroyer. So it helps reduce fever. From common fever to malaria, balsam leaves can do better. The thing to do in this case is –

  1. Boil some basil leaves and cardamom powder in half a liter of water. So that the ratio of basil and cardamom powder is at a rate of 5: 5. B. After giving the mesh for a while, the mixture should be reduced in half. C. Then mix the sugar and milk with the mixture after 2-5 hours. This mixture is extremely beneficial for children.

. Diabetes: –

Tulip leaves help prevent diabetes. Various clinical experiments have shown that the basil leaf contains many antioxidant essential wells that produce eugenol, methyl eugenol and cariophylline. These components help the pancreatic beta cell function (bitcell deposits and excludes insulin). Which in turn increases insulin and sensitivity. Which regulates excess glucose in the blood and improves diabetes.

. Cancer Cure: –

Tulsi contains many antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic ingredients that can stop the growth of breast cancer and oral cancer. Because its components can block blood circulation within the tumor. Basil not only protects the body from cancer, it also helps to cure cancer. The phytochemicals in Tulsi help prevent lung, liver, and skin cancer. It enhances the ability of antioxidants in Tulsi and does not allow cancer to spread. Those who consume regular basil leaves have a lower chance of getting cancer.

. Helps remove kidney stones: –

Tulsi is also very useful in keeping the kidneys good . Reducing the level of uric acid in the blood helps cleanse the kidneys and leaves the basil. The ingredients of Tulsi’s acetic acid and essential oil help reduce kidney stones and also reduce pain. In this case, you should eat a little honey mixed with basil leaf juice daily. Thus, regular kidney stones will be removed after six months.

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. Dental problems: –

Tulsi eliminates the bacteria inside the mouth. For those who have many dental problems, the basil leaf is a very useful thing. Dental problems are good for drying the leaves and drying them. As a result, there is no odor problem on the face. In addition to mixing powder of mustard leaves with mustard oil, make a paste and grind your teeth.

. To remove mouth sores: –

Basil leaves can cure mouth ulcers. Tulsi leaves work well throughout the mouth wound. Tulip leaves are unmatched to eliminate mouth infections. Regular chewing of some leaves (twice a day) can prevent mouth infection.

. Heart Disease: –

The basil leaves contain vitamin C and antioxidants. These ingredients help keep the heart free of various problems. Tulsatapata increases the performance of the heart and maintains its health.

. Eliminates skin problems: –

Basil helps relieve various skin problems. To enhance the skin’s appearance, it is also useful to use a blend of basil, neem and sandalwood to remove the skin’s blemishes and acne. Tulsi paste is also useful in brightening, softening and smoothing skin.

১০. Eye Problems: –

Fungal infections are often seen in the eyes. It causes allergies, redness, swelling etc. problems in the eyes. Tulsi saves them from this. Also controls the problem of low vision. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients, which help keep the eyes good. By soaking a few basil water in the night and washing the eyes with the water in the morning, many problems are eliminated.

১১. Reduces mental stress: –

Used as an antistress agent for mental stress. Recent studies have shown that Tulsi does an excellent job in preventing mental depression. Researchers say that if a healthy person can chew regularly at least 12 times daily, he will never suffer from mental exhaustion. Because weight gain helps to reduce mental stress by keeping cortisol levels under control.

  1. Disease Healing Capacity: –

Basil is called a nerve tonic and it is very useful for increasing memory. It eliminates mucus problems in the airways. Tulsatapata is extremely beneficial for stomach and kidney health.

১৩. Pediatric Diseases: –

Bread juice is very beneficial for children. Especially for cold, fever, cough, diarrhea and vomiting, the juice of the balsamite works well. Tulips are also used in drying water spring.

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১৪. Hair reading: –

Half an hour after sharing the basil juice and amalgam, the hair stops falling.

১৫. To respond to headaches: –

Tulsi is very useful for reducing headaches and body aches. Its special ingredients help prevent muscle spasms.


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