Benefits of Using WhatsApp Blast

WhatsApp Blast is probably a familiar term and you’ve heard it before.

For workers in the marketing or marketing industry, WhatsApp Blast may already be a feature that is used every day.

So, for those of you who don’t understand this feature and want to learn about it, Glints will help you.

In this article, you can get information about what it means, how to use it, and how to use WhatsApp Blast.

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What is WhatsApp Blast?

Currently, WhatsApp has become an application that is widely used by small and large companies because it is able to reach many people.

Usually, WhatsApp is used as a medium to interact with customers, but some use it for marketing purposes.

Given this need, a special application was formed, namely the WhatsApp Business API . This application offers the WhatsApp Blast feature.

WhatsApp Blast is a feature that allows you to send bulk messages at the same time without having to save the user’s number.

So, this feature is very effective and efficient for reaching many users at once.

Also, it should be known that there is a difference between WhatsApp Broadcast and Blast. These two features actually have the same function, namely sending messages in bulk.

The difference lies in the feature owner and the delivery limit.

WhatsApp Broadcast is a feature issued by WhatsApp itself and only has a sending limit to 256 people in your contacts.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp Blast is a feature obtained from the Whatsapp Business API from a third party with a shipping limit that is usually unlimited and can be sent to anyone.

So, when compared, it can be seen that WhatsApp Blast is superior because it can facilitate the company’s marketing activities.

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Benefits of Using WhatsApp Blast

Reported by Ivosights , there are 4 benefits of using WhatsApp Blast. Here is an explanation.

  1. Message personification

One of the advantages of using the WhatsApp Blast feature is creating personalized messages or messages that look like they’re meant for a specific person.

Message personification is very important in content marketing in order to form a close relationship with the message reader, so that later these customers become loyal.

In fact, according to data from TailorBrand , 73% percent of customers prefer brands that provide a personalized shopping experience.

So, if you can make an interesting blast message, you will certainly be able to increase your brand sales rapidly.

  1. Reach more new customers

As previously explained, one of the advantages of this is reaching the public en masse, even to people who may not know your brand .

Of course, this will increase your brand awareness and more people will be interested in getting to know your brand more deeply.

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  1. Create mobile-friendly ads

Small things like paying money and communication can be done via smartphone . That is why the use of smartphones is increasing every day.

So, to keep up with the times, advertising or promotional activities must also be channeled to social media and communication tools such as WhatsApp.

By using the WhatsApp Blast feature, business owners will be able to more easily spread the advertisements and promotions that will be held.

  1. Get direct feedbackfrom customers

Finally, this WhatsApp Business feature can also be a way to interact in two directions with your customers. Starting from talking about products to asking for feedback can also be done.

Well, the information, suggestions or criticisms obtained can be used to build a better brand .

In addition, customers will also feel happy because a brand pays attention to their opinion and wants to develop even better.

How to use WhatsApp Blast

After knowing the benefits for business, will you use the WhatsApp Blast feature?

If you answered “yes”, come on, take a look at how to use it below.

  1. Set up a special WhatsApp number for business purposes
  2. Choose one of the business solution provider (BSP) applications that you want to use. You can find the list here
  3. Open the Facebook Business Manager page
  4. Create a Facebook Business Manager account. Fill in the attached form according to your personal and business data.
  5. Then, verify your Facebook Business Manager account. You will be given a verification code via SMS or email.
  6. If you have been verified, log inagain to the business solution provider (BSP) site or application that you selected earlier
  7. You can use the features provided by your business solution provider such as WhatsApp Blast.

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Thus Glints’ review of what it is, usability, and how to use WhatsApp Blast. Hopefully this article can help grow your business!

So, of course there are still lots of tools, tips, and even strategies to make your business grow faster.

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