benefits of Tulsi

The Tulsi plant is considered very sacred as a goddess in Hinduism. The Tulsi plant is planted in every household and is widely worshiped in the Hindu religious tradition in the morning and evening. According to Ayurveda Shastra, Tulsi is also called Sanjeevani Booti. Because basil plant has many medicinal properties.

Benefits of Tulsi –

  • Basil leaves are useful for many fevers and colds. During the rainy season, basil leaves with tea should be treated with malaria and dengue fever.Boiling provides relief from drinking. The juice of basil leaves can also be used to reduce high fever.
  • Tulsi is used in making many Ayurvedic Kapha syrups. Chewing a basil leaf provides relief from cough and flu.
  • Basil reduces the cholesterol level in the blood. Which has a beneficial effect in heart disease and weakness arising from them.
  • Boiling basil leaves in water and drinking it helps to cure sore throat.
  • If kidney stones have occurred, the juice of basil leaves, mixed with honey, should be consumed. Basil makes the kidneys strong.
  • Tulsi is useful in the treatment of respiratory problems. Drinking a decoction made of honey, ginger and basil leaves provides relief in bronchitis, asthma, influenza, cough and cold.
  • Make a powder by grinding basil leaves with black pepper and keep this powder under the teeth, it ends toothache.
  • Applying a paste of basil leaves on the head provides relief in headache.
  • Eye irritation is reduced by adding juice of basil leaves to the eyes.
  • By applying powder of basil and camphor in the wound, the wound heals quickly.
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