8 Benefits of Studying History For History Students

Benefits of studying history is very important for every historian.It is truth universally fact histroy recodrs every thing.When we are supposed to read histroy we explore many things according to the characristics and norms of particular event.

8 Benefits of Studying History For History Students

History Is Very Close To Nature

Man is a born historian, in as much as he is not the product of to-day but is a sum-total of past experience, inheritance and tradition. A talent for history may be said to be born with us as our chief inheritance,” says Carlyle. Behind the child’s love for myths and folklore and the grown-up man’s joy in epic, this inborn love of history is revealed.

It always explores new things

Love of history being ingrained in our nature, the study of history is always fascinating. It is principally a record of the past and nothing charms us more than the past. We speak^of the golden past and look longingly on the days that are no more. Hence that branch of knowledge which rebuilds the past for us is always a source of pleasure and instruction.

8 Benefits of Studying History For History Students

It must be read systematically

But in order to utilise fully our innate love of history, it is necessary to study it properly. There is a method of studying  history. History must not be read as a collection of dry facts and dates, but as a living representation of the, past. But in order that we may visualise the past we must bring a creative imagination with us in our reading of history.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Benefits of Studying History

It Helps In Many Ways

When it is read in this way it helps us in many ways. It destroys our narrowness and provincialism and broadens our outlook and widens our sympathy. An acquaintance with the histories of nations enables us to realise the affinity of men throughout the world.

It serves as a guide to life.

The lessons of the past which are recorded in the pages of history teach us to avoid the pitfalls of life, individual and national and to follow the path of  success.

It helps us for learning the mistakes of past

The study of history gives a proper perspective to our correct appreciation of the present, because the present has grown out of the past. Present thoughts, ideas, customs and institutions can never be properly understood without reference to the past.

It explores Imagination

The accumulated wisdom of ages which history enshrines in its pages ennobles man and make him quickens his imagination. Truth is stranger than fiction and history which records these truths is always a lesson study and a source of pure joy.

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