Benefits of sattu

Sattu helps in keeping our body fit and healthy. Sattu helps to overcome digestive problems. It is very beneficial for our health. Sattu is also known as Indian fast food. Sattu is a balanced diet, which provides energy in the body.

Benefits of Sattu –

  • Gram sattu helps in controlling stomach disease and body temperature in summer.
  • Consuming sattu made from a mixture of barley and gram helps in curing diabetes.
  • Sattu naturally has the property of blood purification, due to which blood clots can be avoided.
  • Sattu is easily digested and relieves constipation.
  • Sattu is a nutritious diet for growing children. Two teaspoons of sattu should be given daily to growing children.
  • Low blood pressure patients get benefit by drinking water mixed with Sattu, salt, cumin powder and lemon.
  • Regular intake of sattu is very helpful in relieving gas and acidity problems.
  • Sattu is rich in fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals.
  • The insoluble fiber present in Sattu keeps the flour healthy.
  • Sattu is beneficial in hunger, thirst, tiredness, phlegm, bile, stomach and eyes disease.
  • Sattu should never be consumed after a meal.
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