10 Benefits of Duck Meat and Nutrition Content

The benefits of duck meat are not inferior to other poultry meats, for example chicken meat. That’s because duck meat has many nutrients that are good for health. The efficacy can increase the immune system to prevent cancer. What are the other benefits? Let’s see more about the nutritional content, benefits, and how to cook duck meat below!

Duck Meat Nutrition

The content of duck meat has many nutrients that are good for health, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients. However, the most nutritious part of 100 grams of duck meat is the protein content , which is as much as 23% of the value of the nutritional adequacy rate (RDA).

Vitamins contained in 100 grams of duck meat and skin, including:

  • Vitamin B1 13% of RDA
  • Vitamin B2 12% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B3 20% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B5 10% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B6 9% of RDA
  • Vitamin C 5% of RDA
  • Vitamin K 7% of RDA

Other vitamins in duck meat also have around 1 to 4%, including vitamin B9, vitamin B12, vitamin A and vitamin K.

In addition to the abundant vitamin content, every 100 grams of duck meat and skin also has the following minerals:

  • Copper 12% of AKG
  • Iron is 13% of RDA
  • Phosphorus 14% of RDA
  • Potassium 6% of RDA
  • Selenium 18% of RDA
  • 9% Zinc from AKG

Benefits of Duck Meat for Body Health

Thanks to the content of duck meat which is rich in nutrients for the body-especially the protein content-duck meat has a variety of benefits that are good for health. The following are a number of health benefits of duck meat:

1. Increase Protein Intake

Eating duck meat can help increase protein intake, especially during pregnancy. Duck meat contains a lot of protein, including all kinds of amino acids needed to help get balanced nutritious food.

Every 70 grams of duck meat contains about 18 grams of protein. Good protein intake during pregnancy helps expectant mothers increase immunity against various diseases, maintain healthy skin, maintain healthy tissue, and the health of the baby in the womb.

2. Boosts the Immune System

Duck meat is a good source of selenium which is an important antioxidant to help prevent cell damage and fight inflammation. Both of these benefits of duck meat that supports the immune system .

While the element of zinc contained in duck meat can emphasize and give strength to the immune system. A strong immune system can fight several diseases. It also helps and accelerates wound healing.

3. Maintain Thyroid Health

Eating enough selenium is also important for thyroid health . About three servings of duck meat contain more than 50% of the daily nutritional adequacy value for selenium.

Selenium plays an active role in regulating several enzymatic functions in the body, especially during pregnancy. These minerals can support thyroid function thereby preventing the risk of thyroid problems during pregnancy.

4. Increase Bone Density and Strength

Several studies reported on the Verywell Fit page show that the benefits of duck meat can increase bone density and strength, provided that it is supported by adequate calcium intake

The content of duck meat has high calcium and phosphorus. The benefits of phosphorus can maintain healthy teeth, while calcium is an important element of forming strong bones and maintaining healthy bones. Other benefits of calcium can also prevent bone loss or osteoporosis.

5. Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

Just like oily fish which is considered the main source of omega-3 fatty acids, duck meat also contains heart-healthy acids.

Eating duck meat or other meat that is high in saturated fat also has the potential for health related to the risk of cardiovascular disease . In addition, duck meat is also equipped with iron as much as other red meat, even far more than what is contained in chicken.

6. Improve the nervous system

The benefits of duck meat can help improve the nervous system during pregnancy. This is thanks to duck meat that has lots of vitamin B5 and vitamin B12.

One serving of duck meat alone contains 1.6 milligrams of vitamin B5 which makes up 32% of the daily value of this vitamin. While the content of vitamin B12 in one serving of duck meat has 0.4 milligrams that meet 12% of the recommended daily intake value.

The benefits of vitamin B5 can help produce chemicals that play an important role in nerve signaling, while vitamin B12 helps prevent nerve damage during pregnancy and prevents the risk of birth defects in unborn babies.

7. Increase the amount of hemoglobin

The human body needs a lot of hemoglobin or red blood cells during pregnancy to maintain the health of the mother and the baby in the womb. Well , the content of duck meat is rich in iron which can help increase hemoglobin production.

So, the benefits of eating duck meat during pregnancy can help you increase the number of red blood cells and prevent the risk of anemia.

8. Increase Weight

Are you undergoing a weight gain program? If so, eating duck meat is the right step because the benefits of duck meat can help you gain weight for you who are thin. This is because duck meat has fat and fatty acids.

You need to know, fats and fatty acids are important components to gain weight. Both can be obtained by eating duck meat because the fat content is twice that of chicken. An adequate amount of these elements can help you increase weight quickly, healthy, and naturally.

9. Prevent Cancer

Duck meat contains antioxidants that can help destroy and reduce the growth of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are substances from outside the body that trigger certain cancers .

The content of vitamin C in duck meat is also an antioxidant that can help prevent premature aging and prevent several other diseases.

10. Strengthen Men’s Vitality

The benefits of duck meat for the next turned out to help increase male vitality. The content of duck meat has vitamin B1 or also called thiamin which can simplify the blood circulation system and the blood nervous system which is actively related to male vitality .

In one portion of roasted duck meat contains 0.3 milligrams of vitamin B1 which is 17% of the daily nutritional needs. Well , if you are men who want to increase sexual stamina, try eating duck meat with various preparations according to your taste.

How to Cook Duck Meat to Be Soft and Not Smell

After knowing the information about the content and benefits of duck meat, of course you want to know how to process duck meat properly. Duck meat is known to be tough and has a more fishy aroma. How do you make the meat tender and not fishy?

Here are some tips on how to cook duck meat properly:

1. Washing the Meat Clean

The first step you must do is clean the duck meat to be cooked. Make sure to clean the meat thoroughly without leaving the rest of the feathers because the remaining hair will leave a fishy odor. Don’t forget to clean the innards and the tail.

2. Soaking the Meat with Papaya Leaves

After cleaning, cut the duck meat according to taste. Then, soak the duck using crushed papaya leaves. Then drain for a few moments and rinse with clean water.

3. Using Lime

Duck meat has a fishy odor that must be removed in order to arouse the appetite when it is cooked. Well , so that the fishy odor is completely gone and not smelled, you can smear the duck pieces with lemon juice and leave it for 30 minutes.

4. Boil Meat with Spices

After being covered in lime and left to stand, boil duck meat using spices such as orange leaves, bay leaves, lemongrass, and galangal. How to cook duck meat so that the fishy smell is completely gone can also be boiled for about an hour.

5. Boil Meat with Pineapple Pieces

Given the texture of duck meat which is tougher or tougher compared to chicken meat, then boil the duck meat with additional pieces of pineapple to make the texture softer.

That is an explanation of the content, the benefits of duck meat for health, and how to process it properly. Although healthy, duck meat also has bad side effects if consumed too much, such as obesity to increase cholesterol levels.


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