The Benefits of Meditation – Because meditating is good

The Benefits of Meditation – How Good It is to Meditate

What are the benefits of meditation? Why meditate?

Already why? When I started I didn’t even ask myself why I just followed the instinct and the “coincidences” and for many it is just so that we start: without an apparent reason.

But why meditate what are the benefits of meditation?

The benefits are many and science has been taking interest in it for years discovering new ones. So many benefits and no side effects.

But let’s try to summarize it. To better orient ourselves, we divide them into “medical-scientific, mental and daily-spiritual well-being”.

The benefits of meditation MEDICAL-SCIENTIFIC

The benefits of meditation in this area are so many and studies continuously update it deserves an article (perhaps even more than one) apart (even more than one about you read: Meditation Health and Science ) : Now let’s see the principal.

It has been used for years as a remedy against stress and the serious physical consequences it causes, and anxiety states (including panic attacks).

As a mood stabilizer and to prevent depressive states (but personally I would advise against it to those who are already in a chronically depressed state as long as they haven’t left).
In recent years meditation has come as a pain therapy and also in cancer wards.

Here is a brief list of the main factors (there are really many others)

  • Cardio-vascular diseases – (1/3 reduction in cardiovascular problems according to LaRepubblica dated 01/29/06)
  • Stabilization of sleep disorders (hyposomnia – hypersomnia)
  • Disorders of the digestive system
  • Concentration capacity
  • Prevention and treatment of anxiety states
  • Prevention of states of apathy
  • Increased production of endorphins – a substance (neurotransmitter) that produces well-being: it is the substance that allows pain to be anesthetized, for example when it is released while doing sports
  • Increased production of Serotonin -substance (neurotransmitter) that produces contentment: stabilizes mood often releases in relationships of deep love between partners or between mother and child)
  • Increased production of GABA – substance (neurotransmitter) whose deficiency exposes the subject to addictions (alcohol, drugs, food and even shopping, compulsive sex or other)
  • Higher production of Melatonin – substance (hormone) that stabilizes sleep
  • Increased production of HGH – substance (growth hormone) that protects against aging of tissues
  • Increased production of DHEA – substance (hormone) whose deficiency exposes us to tumors, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity and more. Our immune defenses are very dependent on this hormone
  • Reduction in the production of cortisol – a substance (hormone) harmful to the body. It has many harmful effects that I synthesize with a greater lowering of the immune defenses and aging of the tissues
  • Thickening of the cerebral cortex (from 8 to 16 thousandths of a millimeter according to a study by YALE and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Ability to consciously produce brain waves close to a state of deep relaxation and concentration .
  • And so on…

The Benefits of Mental Meditation.

  • The mind is more serene and lucid
  • Develop a sense of well – being
  • Increase mental faculties
  • Clarifies ideas (even in the most critical moments)
  • Stabilizes the mood
  • It helps to create harmony in relationships
  • It helps concentration, especially in work, studies and competitive sports
  • Develop awareness

And this is the key point: awareness .

When we are aware of what we are experiencing we are truly living fully the experience and life, when we are not aware and prey to “mental blowjobs” (alas most of the time) we do not live, we let ourselves live.

I believe that among the many benefits that meditation offers, all others disappear in the shadow of awareness: because developing awareness means living and enjoying life .

It is true there are scientific proofs that those who meditate live longer (LaRepubblica del 29/01/06). But I find it absurd to meditate for that, it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality.

What good is it to spend some extra time if I spend that time in the grip of “mental blowjobs” or postponing my happiness and life to “a tomorrow”?

Maybe telling me: “today I really can’t afford to be happy I will be happy again”. And life passes.

What is the use of a few more days if it is the same as all the others in which I have not enjoyed life?

Awareness .
This is the benefit of all the benefits.

Indeed I would say that it is useless to meditate except to develop awareness. Do you want to know how to meditate? Then you want to know how to develop awareness. For me they are the same: same practice.

Do you really want to live? Meditate (download the meditation at the top right if you haven’t done it yet)

The benefits of daily-spiritual wellness meditation.

Daily wellness spiritual bar ?

Yes, I know it seems that we are not getting anything right, but it is the best way I have found to clarify a concept that believers (of all religions) call “spirituality” or “contact with God” or ” in the grace of God ” or in a thousand other ways, and that instead, an atheist, an agnostic or anyone else would not understand since he does not belong to “his vocabulary”.

And that instead the atheist knows (or can recognize) as a direct experience.

It is about the state of Being .

Exactly continuing the discussion on the mental benefit of awareness, meditation develops a different and more intense mental presence and consequently we see Reality with different eyes.

We are more present to ourselves. “We are” more.

Exactly, if you have already meditated a little you will have noticed that even after a couple of weeks (in which you meditate every day or almost) the things around you are more beautiful .

The colors are more vivid and intense, known more than the wonderful details of the landscape that were previously camouflaged in the background. The sounds, the sensations of the body, everything is naturally and “almost imperceptibly” more “intense” more vivid.

A believer could use these techniques to find out what is behind the person (the transpersonal dimension).

By the way, do you know that the word “person” etymologically means mask? What’s behind your mask?

Therefore, all religions suggest it.

Although some put up resistance, many Catholic priests also practice it and suggest it (my favorite is the Jesuit Anthony De Mello).

Sufis also have particular techniques (such as those of dancing dervishes).

But there is no need to adhere to any religion to perceive this dimension of Being.

There is no need to believe in a God to perceive the state of “Grace of God” because it is a living experience that each of us can perceive. Greater Mental Presence.

Who meditates fully lives the state of Being , work, social status, physical conditions, lose much of their importance.

I feel more and more distant from the one depicted in my document, I am less and less the one who does that work and who has reached a social position for which he has invested a life.

Here is the paradox: you work for a lifetime to reach who knows what and then one day you realize that that who knows is “only appearance” is also ridiculous!

Because? Because your true Being has emerged.

When you are present you are in the Being, everything else is a little theater, with its importance, but it is a theatrical importance!

Little stuff compared to the dimension of Being, of Being Present to oneself (and others). First, for example, I gave so much importance to the puppet.

I talk about it as if it were age-related. It is not so. There are many young people who know how to Be, and I see more and more of them.

It is not age-related and anyone can know the dimension of Being even without meditating, only that meditating helps you make it emerge and dwell in that dimension much longer in everyday life.

And don’t you think so?

I like to be concrete, and I have always struggled to write about the benefits of meditation because the paradox is that the most “concrete” benefits the most omnipervative and profound are the least simple to describe and may seem, in words, the least concrete.

It’s just the opposite !!

The real concrete benefits, are not the “live longer, increase the thickening of the brain or die less of a heart attack, those as true and concrete, are” nonsense “but the most concrete and important benefits of meditation are being more present to themselves and to the world , and I am very attached to individual experience how can I render an experience in words?

And yet the experience is concrete. Very real. How can I describe the yellow color to those who have never seen it? With words it might seem something abstract yet yellow is true, and it is very concrete.

So the real benefits are not the scientific benefits but the individual experience of meditating that it is and the life you spend after meditating that it is the same and different from all the others, why? Because more aware.

What could be more concrete than being fully in your own life ?????

Constantly meditate , better if you do not expect any benefit, and you will see how, almost without realizing it, your life will be better.

It does not matter if you are an atheist or a Catholic or a Buddhist or something else, meditate and your life will be more “life” and you will be able to grasp more and more “the fleeting moment”, the “here and now” leaving less and less power to the “mental blowjobs” .

If you have not already done so download the free guided meditation that you find below otherwise you can take this course


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