Benefits of drinking turmeric milk

Turmeric milk is used as a traditional medicine. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and drinking it mixed with milk can prevent many types of diseases.

Benefits of drinking turmeric milk –

  • Turmeric milk has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties, which is considered as one of the best home remedies for cold and cough. It provides immediate relief from sore throat, cough and cold.
  • Milk keeps bones healthy and strong, which is a good source of calcium. Adding turmeric to milk provides additional benefits to bone health.
  • Turmeric milk has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the development of many types of cancer such as breast, skin, lung, prostate and stomach cancer.
  • Turmeric milk is known in Ayurvedic medicine as ‘natural aspirin’. It is used to relieve headaches, body aches and swelling.
  • One glass of turmeric milk should be drunk daily for the treatment of eczema.
  • The anti inflammatory properties present in turmeric milk helps in treating inflammation due to arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It helps in making joints and muscles flexible.
  • Turmeric milk is a powerful antiseptic. It helps in treating stomach ulcers and colitis. It increases digestive power and prevents ulcers, diarrhea and indigestion.
  • Turmeric milk helps reduce menstrual cramps and pain.
  • Turmeric milk is considered as a powerful blood purifier in Ayurvedic tradition and increases blood circulation in the body.
  • Drinking a glass of hot turmeric milk one hour before bed helps to sleep and relieves insomnia.
  • Turmeric milk helps in reducing weight.


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