Benefits of dates for pregnant, childbirth and breastfeeding women

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are processes that are definitely experienced by almost all women in this world. At this time a woman is required to be able to maintain the nutrients that enter their bodies, because what enters their bodies will also be felt by the prospective babies they will deliver.

Not only pregnant milk is good for consumption by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Prospective mothers and mothers are often advised to eat foods that are highly nutritious such as vegetables and fruits. One fruit that is often recommended for consumption is the date

Dates are believed to have a number of good benefits for women who are pregnant or who are undergoing a period of breastfeeding, because in these sweet dates contain a variety of beneficial nutrients.

Nutrition – the nutrients in the dates consumed by these mothers will provide enormous benefits during their pregnancy and lactation.

That’s why it’s quite reasonable, if Rasullah SAW. recommend for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding to eat dates because the benefits of dates for pregnant and lactating women are not in doubt

This is confirmed by medical experts, who claim that dates have many benefits as to pregnant and lactating mothers, both for the health of the mother and the baby they are breastfeeding.

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Some of the properties of dates that can be utilized by pregnant women during pregnancy, after childbirth and breastfeeding include:

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Helps meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women

The benefits of dates for pregnant women are already in doubt. The taste is sweet and the benefits are extraordinary, making many pregnant women choose dates as their favorite food during pregnancy, both consumed directly or in the form of date palm juice

Dates are a good source of iron. Iron contained in dates is very good for pregnant women because it can help the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Pregnant women who experience iron deficiency are very susceptible to anime because of increased blood volume and the demands of developing babies to produce millions of red blood cells.

In addition to efficacious to prevent anemia in pregnancy, iron in dates can also be efficacious to facilitate blood circulation throughout the body of the mother and the fetus in the mother’s womb

The sugar content in dates is a type of glucose that is easily absorbed by the body so that the sweet dates are safe for consumption by pregnant women because it does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels.

In addition, glucose and fructose content in dates is also very good for pregnant women because pregnant women need good stamina while waiting for the birth of their baby. By consuming dates, the strength or stamina of the mother will be maintained during labor later

Calcium is the most mineral in the human body and the need for calcium in our body will increase during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because in addition to the needs of the baby, calcium is also needed for fetal growth. The calcium content in dates will be very good for the growth of teeth and bones of the baby and the mother.

Streamlining the labor process and recovering energy after the labor process

Recent research shows that dates can control the rate of movement of the uterus and increase heart contraction when blood is pumped into the arteries. Therefore, by consuming dates other than increasing maternal strength during childbirth, these dates also make the uterine contractions movement more regularly making it easier for the baby’s birth process.

In addition, dates also contain hormones similar to the hormone oxytocin which will help facilitate the process of childbirth. This hormone will stimulate the smooth muscle contraction in the uterine lining gradually during childbirth, causing an expansion of the cervix and the birth process

Pregnant women who will give birth usually need drinks and foods that are rich in sugar because of the many contractions of the uterine muscles when removing the baby so the mother must need extra energy.

In a single date contained protein, fiber, and glucose. This fruit is very useful if consumed after the delivery process because it can restore maternal energy in a short time after delivery.

Can shrink the uterus and reduce postpartum bleeding

In the dates contained the hormone protuchin which is efficacious to help shrink the blood vessels in the uterus so that it can help shrink the uterus and can also prevent bleeding in the uterus after childbirth

In addition, blood loss during birth causes the blood sugar level in the mother to decrease.

The sugar content in dates included in the mother’s body will prevent a decrease in blood sugar levels and can also prevent a decrease in blood pressure in the mother. The high caloric value of dates can also strengthen fatigued mothers after giving birth.

Help facilitate defecation (BAB) after childbirth

After undergoing a normal delivery, mothers are usually advised not to straining during bowel movements so that the seams do not tear. Because of this, many mothers often complained of difficult postpartum defecation.

The content of vitamin A, vitamins, riboflavin, niacin, potassium and high fiber in dates can help facilitate bowel movements in mothers after childbirth.

Helps propose milk production

The content of iron and calcium in dates will play a big role in the quantity and quality of breast milk produced by the mother. Because of this, mothers who breastfeed are strongly advised to consume dates to produce quality milk and rich in nutrients, vitamins, in abundant quantities.

This is confirmed by medical experts that the element of iron and calcium contained in dates is a very useful element to form and increase the content of breast milk.


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