Benefit by cultivating mushrooms at home

Mushroom is basically a fungus. It is extremely delicious to eat. There is a demand for mushrooms in various hotels and Chinese hotels in major cities of our country. Therefore, with the apparent view, the mushroom market has grown mainly in the city. Besides, there is a demand for it abroad. Mushrooms can be dried and exported abroad. As a medicinal herb, it has a distinct importance on the whole earth. In countries like Bangladesh where the amount of agricultural land is constantly decreasing, mushroom cultivation may be one of the means of expanding agriculture. Because it does not require extra land for production. This can be produced by making shelves in the house or using locally-made inexpensive materials. Mushroom cultivation does not require much capital. Production takes much less time. It does not require any special technology. No chemicals are needed. That is to say, Mushroom cultivation can be a source of full and part-time employment for marginalized and low-income poor families in villages and towns. At the same time, it can become a very profitable and attractive agriculture-based small enterprise.Read about the possibility of cultivating mushrooms in Bangladesh .


About 3,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians considered mushrooms to be the source of immortality. At that time, a royal ordinance prohibited the production and consumption of mushrooms for the public. Mushrooms were quite popular in Europe in ancient times. To the Romans it was the food of the gods. Mushrooms have been used as herbs in China and Japan for thousands of years. Mushrooms were consumed not only in Europe or Asia but also in Central and South America. The fungus was quite popular as a special mysterious quality food. Mushrooms were used in ancient traditional ceremonies and religious ceremonies. However, nature was the only source of mushrooms everywhere.


You can cultivate mushrooms on your porch or on the terrace. For this, you can start with a capital of Tk.


No mushroom seeds. Whatever it is, it’s called Spawn. About 20 grams of mushrooms are available from each spawn. So it would be possible to get about 5kg of mushroom from 20 spawn. At present, the price of mushrooms per kg is around Rs.

Mushroom Nutrition

Mushroom is a nutritious meal. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, enzymes and digestive enzymes. It is delicious and easy to digest.

Materials required

Bottle – 1

Small teaspoon – 3

Blades – 1

Knife – 4

Polypropylene bag – 1 piece

Mushroom spawn 20 or 5 kg (can be found in Savar of Dhaka district)

Cultivable land

Cultivable land is not required for mushrooms. To grow mushrooms, we have to build houses with shade or bamboo sticks. The roof and porch of the house are quite suitable. A house can be built with clay walls or bamboo fences. In order to prevent light from entering the house, the soil should be coated on a bamboo fence.

Some cultivated varieties of mushrooms

In our country, several varieties of mushrooms are cultivated. For example – oyster mushroom, milk mushroom. Ear mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms etc.

Oyster mushroom cultivation method

Mushroom cultivation can be started by collecting oyster mushroom spawn and other necessary ingredients. You have to cultivate mushrooms step by step.

The first method

Spoon packets of mushrooms should be collected from the mushroom cultivation center. You will need to cut some goals on both sides of the spine. Package of mushrooms should be submerged in water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the packet of mushrooms should be removed from the water. Package of mushrooms should be left unattended for 5 to 5 minutes to drain excess water. When the water drops, it should be left in the designated place of the house. Sprinkle water on it three to four times daily.


Usually after 3 to 5 days the germination occurs from the cut area. Water should be sprinkled occasionally after germination.


Eating mushrooms takes 3 or 5 days to produce. Mushrooms suitable for food should be picked from the ground up.


The place where the seed was cut needs to be scraped with a blade. Mushrooms will grow again from this seed.

Mushrooms are available 3-4 times from a half-pound seed or spawn packet. A total of 20 to 20 grams of mushrooms will be available in it.

The second method

Seeds or spawn should be collected from the mushroom cultivation center. The weight of one kilogram of seed should be made of polythene and powdered inner compost. Two kg of rice should be collected in clear and dry straw. The straws need to be cut to one inch in size.


The amount of water should be boiled. To disinfect the straws, soak the straw in boiling water for an hour. The straws should be lifted from the water and put in a container to empty the water.


With five polybags inside the polybag, some straw must first be laid. Mushroom seeds should be powdered over the straw. Thus, the straw and mushroom seed powder should be laid in four layers in a polybag. At the last level, the straw will be laid again.


When the straw is finished the polybag should be tightened. This way every polybag should be tied. You need to do 5-12 holes around the polybag. After that, the bags should be kept for 3-5 days to become a seed.

After 3-5 days open the polybags and remove the seed sticks.


Each seed set should be hung in a flask and sprinkled with water 3-4 times daily. After 3-5 days, the mushroom shoots will start growing around the corner. After 3-5 days, suitable mushrooms should be taken from the base.


Thus, profit will be higher in mushroom cultivation. Because about half a kilogram of mushrooms will be available from each polybag. So about five and a half kg of mushrooms will be produced from the five bags.

Mushroom care

১. After sowing the seeds in the mushroom bed, the temperature should be kept at 1-5 Celsius and the temperature of the mushroom should start at 3-5 Celsius.

Have to put in


  1. The sun cannot be read in any way in Spain. Always keep the house cool. If it is too hot, the sacks around the room should be kept wet. Mushrooms should always be kept clean around the house and around the house.


৩. Heat well and cover by polyethylene

Heat can be reduced with So heat in the context of the situation

Have to control.


৪. Mushroom beds need to be protected from insect repellent.


৫. Mushroom beds need to be wet at all times. If the surface of the bed is dry, it is necessary to control the humidity by sprinkling water occasionally.

Suppressing insects and pathogens

The incidence of fishes may occur in mushrooms. This is why malathion (1.5%) can be sprayed. Also, formaldehyde (5%), soaked in cotton and soaked in sunstart, will remove greenish brown or blue mold.

Collection of mushrooms

Within 3-5 days after sowing seeds in the mushroom bed, there are signs of mushroom growing in the form of an alpine head. In just 2 days, the mushroom forms the egg of the native chicken after it has passed. This is the perfect time to collect mushrooms. When the collection is delayed, the mushroom becomes like an umbrella and its taste is lost. Therefore, it is important to collect mushrooms on time. Mushrooms can be collected from a single bed for up to 2 weeks.

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