Beliefs and erroneous myths when sunbathing

With the arrival of summer, the season of maximum exposure to solar radiation begins and the need to take care of our skin to avoid burns that favor the appearance of lesions in the epidermis that, in the future, may lead to other more serious conditions such as cancer of the skin. skin . In the last decade, awareness campaigns about the dire consequences of uncontrolled sun exposure have promoted that society is more aware of the need to care for the skin against the sun. Even so, we still find some widespread misconceptions about how to protect ourselves from the sun. The Mifarma experts They identify what they are and share their tips to avoid burns this summer.

«Healthy skin cared for 365 days a year suffers less in summer»

The first recommendation is directed to the feet . During the summer with the use of pool shoes and sandals we leave the insteps in the air but we forget the use of protection in this area of ​​the body, whose epidermis is usually quite sensitive. These burns cause a great disorder since they generate pain when walking and discomfort when putting on shoes, so we must always remember to apply protection also in this area.

As for garments, it is very important to be aware that clothing does not protect against solar radiation . Textile materials that include this protection have been developed in recent years, usually designed for sports during the summer. To avoid burns, even with clothes, we must apply sunscreen all over our body before dressing and repeat the process in case of bathing in the beach or pool. An essential warning, especially in relation to children who, due to their play habits and activities, tend to be more exposed to the sun.

Reme Navarro, co-founder, CEO of Mifarma and expert in pharmaceuticals, recalls that “even if all the recommendations against the sun are implemented, if we do not take care of our skin 365 days a year, during the summer it can suffer unnecessarily due to the highest sun and water exposure ». To avoid this, we must follow a basic daily routine of skin care focused on facial cleansing, correct hydration with a protection factor and a healthy diet based on the Mediterranean diet that includes a significant percentage of fruits and vegetables. “In this sense,” continues Navarro, “it is important that we all know perfectly what our skin is like so that we can use the ideal products for everyone ».

Precautions with young and old

“This is the time of maximum exposure to solar radiation, therefore, our adults and children must follow special instructions because their skin is more fragile and, therefore, more vulnerable,” says this expert.

In the case of the elderly , Navarro continues, «we must bear in mind that it is a drier skin with less elasticity , which facilitates the appearance of injuries and infections. If they want to expose themselves to the sun, they recommend that they do so after 5 pm and complete their protection with oral sunscreens formulated from natural products that promote the generation of vitamin D ».

On the other hand, in the case of the smallest , it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun to children under three years of age, and to those who are somewhat older, protect themselves with clothing, and use special products indicated for them, without alcohol and resistant the water. In addition, you must reapply the sunscreen every two hours and constantly hydrate them.

The importance of the times

The ideal when sunbathing is to do it for short periods of time and alternating sun exposures with baths. Specialists recommend using baths to hydrate our skin and lower its temperature quickly; In addition, being in motion prevents the effect from being too intense .

In the same way, it is worth highlighting the importance of being well hydrated and in some of those breaks take the opportunity to reapply sun protection. It is important to highlight that “excessive sun exposure can cause premature aging of the skin, the appearance of spots and premature warts and, ultimately, skin cancer, ” he stresses.

Which areas are most sensitive to the sun?

In addition to avoiding direct exposure to the sun , especially during the peaks of the highest intensity of ultraviolet rays that occur between 12 and 4pm, it is important to take care of certain areas of our body.

Reme Navarro stresses the need to use lip balm on a recurring basis. Burns on the lips cause the skin to dry and crack and generate a stinging and stiff feeling that can affect eating and drinking.

What to do if you burn your skin?

Despite all these recommendations, it is possible that, due to some mistake, we may suffer burns . For this reason, specialists suggest going to the doctor in case of a serious burn .

In the case of second degree sunburn , blisters will appear , lesions that must be scrupulously cared for, limiting touching them to the maximum, only for their correct cleaning and application of the treatments .

If it is a more superficial one , the ideal is to lower the temperature of the skin with cold water, and when taking a shower, do not dry all the water on the skin to promote hydration. From there, apply a good aftersun or creams based on aloe vera, in addition to drinking plenty of water ; The time it takes for a burn to heal can vary, but usually ranges from 3 to 5 days .

It should be remembered that ” creams are essential when sunbathing , but to avoid the negative consequences of overexposure to solar radiation, the best remedy is to do so in a moderate way” concludes.


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