Bed bugs in the car: how to get rid of them?

Bed bugs can take over your spaces, including your car, if you don’t do something to exterminate them. By feeding on your blood, they could cause you health problems.

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Bed bugs in the car? Yes, bed bugs are a type of flightless nocturnal insect that can live hidden anywhere . They feed on all kinds of warm-blooded animals, including humans and pets. When hiding in places like the crevices of mattresses, the folds of sheets and pillows, it is not always easy to identify them.

Another characteristic of these insects is that they infest your spaces quickly, especially carpets and furniture in the home, including the car. People often become aware of their existence by identifying bites on their body . These are usually red with a more reddish spot in the middle. They are spread out in lines and groups.

These bites can cause allergies in some people. It should be noted that bed bugs do not usually spread disease. Although a study carried out by the University of New Mexico identified that bed bug feces are a channel of transmission of certain pathologies.

How do bed bugs get into the car?

If we said that bed bugs tend to feed on blood and that is why they look for spaces in our bed and furniture, where we spend more time, you will wonder how it is possible that they reach the car. If they are already in the house, it is easy for them to arrive through the clothes, bags or any other item that you take to the car.

Another possible scenario is through pets . If you usually transport your dog or cat in the car and it has bed bugs, they will easily pass. Also, if you are a person who travels a lot and often stays in hotels, you could be the one who spread bed bugs to your car and home.

As these parasites feed on your blood at night, while you are asleep, in the car they will have a hard time biting you, although they will survive for several days without eating anything . However, you may be bitten at any time.

Bed bugs feed on blood and they do so at night, especially.

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How do I know if I have bed bugs in my car?

To find out if there are bed bugs in your car, the first thing to do is do a manual check. It should be noted that the first symptom of their presence could be bites and, although you have already identified their hiding places at home, you should check the car. You can follow these steps:

  • Start by checking the cracks in the chairs. Being hidden and hot places it could be easy to find them there.
  • A glance is not enough, you should try to open the slits a little to see well.
  • Look at the seams and folds of the fabrics. Don’t forget the rugs.

If you still have doubts with these steps, make a checklist with the following signs of their presence:

  • Red, dry spots on chairscan be a sign that they have been crushed by something.
  • Excrementon the chairs. These insects usually defecate shortly after eating , making their feces look like dried blood spots.
  • Dead skin residue frombed bugs and yellow eggs.

Strategies for getting rid of bed bugs in the car

If you followed one or more of the steps above and found that there are bed bugs in your car, don’t worry. Now you should focus on getting rid of them . There are several ways to do it and here we recommend some.

Very hot heat

Although bed bugs like warm areas, high temperatures over 113 degrees Fahrenheit can kill them, including their eggs. A quick and inexpensive solution is to close the windows and cover them with black cloths or bags, parking the car in a region where the sun’s rays shine directly.

Hot steam

Another mechanism that works well is hot steam cleaning. The utensils for doing this are very useful and allow air to enter through the crevices and folds of the car with great efficiency . Adjust the flow to prevent insects from flying away before they die.

To avoid a new infestation, you can repeat this cleaning method once a month or use the vacuum cleaner . With the latter you must be careful and put a removable bag that you can dispose of later.

Wash covers and rugs

Some cleaning products can help control, but not eradicate, bed bugs. But it is always useful to wash covers and rugs frequently, putting them in the clothes dryer at a high temperature . This will guarantee the elimination of them.

Of course, verify that the materials of these elements can be cleaned and dried in this way without problems.

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Diatomaceous earth

This is a mineral that comes in powder and is white in color. It is made from the fossilized remains of aquatic organisms and has proven to be very useful in eradicating bed bug pests and other insects. It is a safe substance for people, but care is recommended, as it could cause irritation to the nose and throat.

This mineral absorbs the exoskeletons of insects, so after application you should wash the car very well so that the remains of diatomaceous earth and the inert bodies of the bed bugs come out.

Some chemicals are helpful in eradicating bed bugs. Anyway, you have to be careful with its use to prevent chemical allergies.


This is one of the most effective measures, but it is recommended that the person performing the procedure be a professional . Using toxic products in a space as small as the car can be dangerous to health.

Tips to prevent a bed bug infestation

It is important to note that bed bugs are not synonymous with uncleanliness. These animals can infest a house or a car without distinguishing the cleanliness of the place. But you can always follow some tips that keep you away from them:

  • Check the car seats
  • Vacuum the carand wash covers and carpets once a month.
  • Make sure that the elements that you get into the car and come from other places are cleanand free of bed bugs.
  • Bathe your pets regularly toprevent bed bugs from being brought into the car and promote the animal’s health.
  • Use plastic bags to move the clothesyou take to outside laundries.

Finally, remember that the cleaning and extermination processes must be done both in the car and at home. Otherwise, they could move back from an infested space to a clean one.

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