The health sector annually attracts thousands and thousands of aspiring professionals ready to face the dreaded medical test from time to time in order to follow their passion for medicine and for the work of the surgeon and doctor. These professions are certainly “evergreen” of the economic landscape and are therefore constantly in demand by the labor market.

Becoming a surgeon is therefore an excellent move from the working point of view, but working in the health sector is not at all simple and certainly requires a particularly long and demanding training, as well as very strong personal skills and aptitudes. In order to cope with the proverbial medical exams and to cope with the responsibilities that only an operating room can put before a professional, you will be required to have special skills that you can learn by following the training process that I will show you.

So if you want to become a surgeon and do one of the most important, challenging and satisfying jobs in the world, continue reading this guide in which we will discover the Degree in Medicine and Surgery, the state medical exam, which tasks and skills are proper to the surgeon and how much this professional earns in Italy!

Becoming a surgeon: degree in Medicine and Surgery

The first step to become a surgeon is, of course, to attend a single-cycle degree course in Medicine and Surgery. As you know, this 6-year degree is one of the most coveted in Italy and access to the courses is governed by a national entry test whose dates and methods are decided by the Ministry of Education itself.

This means that the dates, the number of places available in the universities and even the test procedures. Private universities such as Cattolica and San Raffaele are an exception to the rule, for which you can consult the appropriate notices on the site. To better prepare you, let’s get to know the entrance test in Medicine and Surgery more closely

Medicine entrance test

The test in question will however consist of 60 multiple choice questions of: logical reasoning, general culture, biology, chemistry and physics which you can answer in 100 minutes aiming for a maximum score of 90 points. The ranking of students who have taken the test will be public and at national level.

If you want to start preparing to pass the entrance test, here are the preparation kits :

  • Alpha Test Medicine Complete Preparation Kit
  • EdiTEST Medicine, dentistry, veterinary

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery: What to Expect

As you surely already know, the degree in medicine and surgery requires a great amount of commitment and time as this path will not only aim to educate you well from a theoretical point of view, but also and above all will train you from a practical point of view.

If you want to know in detail the subjects you will face during your medical studies, the faculties in which to study and all the essential information to start this important path on the right foot, I refer you to my dedicated article: Medicine: guide to degree courses in Single cycle .

Becoming a surgeon: Internship and State Exam

The next step to become a surgeon is to carry out a practical internship lasting three months at the authorized facilities. The clinical internship is also divided into three sections of one month each to be carried out in a medical department, a surgery department and a general practitioner . At the end of this period you will be able to access the written test or state exam.

This test is divided into two sections, each of 90 multiple choice questions. Once you have passed this test you will finally be able to obtain the qualification and enroll in the register of doctors of your province of residence!

Masters and Specialization: updating is the key to medicine

Even if at this point in your career you will be qualified, you can choose to specialize in one of the specialization schools in Italy ( see the official list of specialization schools ) to choose your area of ​​specialization.

Do not underestimate the Masters in Medicine and Surgery that can really give you those extra qualities to stand out above the competition. This is for two reasons: first of all because the programs are constantly updated with the most modern technologies and intervention techniques and secondly because the training that is provided here is really direct and entrusted to professionals who are always and in any case very recognized in the medical field.

The extra gear of the best surgeons? The right Master! Choose the one that’s right for you now and boost your career!

Surgeon: Duties and skills of this professional

The surgeon or specialist in surgical therapies is responsible for conducting not only specialized treatments and interventions in the event of injuries, trauma, dysfunctions and pathologies, but also conducting research in their field of application and contributing to the advancement of knowledge and intervention techniques .

In fact, the surgeon’s duties include:

  • Interpret the results of analyzes and investigations and make a diagnosis
  • Perform surgical interventions of various kinds
  • Follow the post-operative course
  • Carry out outpatient activities
  • Carry out the service in the ward and in the operating room
  • Organize the shifts of the operating room
  • Participate in the scientific debate and make scientific publications

To cope with these tasks which really require a great deal of responsibility and dedication to work, some skills are indispensable. Among these the main ones are:

  • Perfect knowledge in the field of medicine and surgery
  • Perfect knowledge of the Italian language and possibly of the English language
  • General skills in psychology, chemistry and hospital legislation and institutions
  • Active listening and problem solving skills according to professional knowledge
  • Perfect oral and written comprehension skills
  • Excellent adaptability and critical sense
  • Ability to select tools
  • Excellent manual skills and selective attention skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to monitor the patient’s condition

In short, a group of complex skills and knowledge that make us understand the extent of the surgeon’s work!

The best selection of Masters in Medicine and Surgery designed for the doctors and surgeons of the future!

How much does a surgeon earn

The average entrance salary of a surgeon is about 4000 euros per month, a figure that can easily rise (even in a substantial way) especially in the private sector and in particular sectors of application of surgery such as plastic surgery.

In short, the hard training, the time spent and the huge responsibilities you will take on are amply rewarded by the earnings you will get!

Regardless of the professional sector you choose to pursue, it is essential that you understand whether you want to be an employee or self-employed.

How do you know what your attitudes are and if you are more predisposed to one or the other?

Take the test and find out if you are more suitable for employment or self-employment!

Recommended reading

In order not to recommend the usual manuals that you will surely have full the shelves, the book I want to propose here is something different and particularly interesting. When the breath becomes air. A doctor, his illness and the true meaning of Paul Kalanithi ‘s life is the first person story of the author, a successful neurosurgeon who moved from an early age towards surgery which, at the height of his career, was faced with a terminal cancer. This is the starting point for the reflections of the protagonist who questions life, existence and the deepest themes of our life from the perspective of a scholar of medicine who is still deeply affected by the miracle of life after years and years spent examining its biology. .Buy it When your breath takes its course on Amazon .

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