Beauty Tips: This easy solution will remove the problem of open facial pores

If there is no remedy to close the open pores of the face, then they grow and it becomes difficult to protect the skin from getting dirt in them. Then dirt accumulates within the skin which gives rise to many problems besides pimples, pimples. Also steals your natural beauty.


Know this simple solution to close the open pores of the face –


You can easily get relief from your open pores by using one at home easily. For this, you will need only two things, one is coconut oil, and the other is lemon juice. You can tighten the pores by using these two. But also know how to do that-


1 For this you have to take one tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil and add one teaspoon lemon juice to it.

2 Now mix it well. Before using it, wash face thoroughly with lukewarm water and face wash.


3 After washing the face, apply this mixture on the face and massage it well for two to three minutes.


4 Now after doing some seasoning, wipe the face thoroughly with a towel soaked in lukewarm water.


By using this experiment three to four times a week, you will notice that the open pores on your face have shrunk and the skin will look cleaner, smoother and tighter than before.


by Abdullah Sam
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