Beauty is a person’s attitude to life

Beauty attracts and captivates. We love nice faces, athletic bodies and smiles that delight our hearts.

And yet, although physical attraction has undeniable power, it is good to emphasize the important role of charisma – without it, beauty is hollow and empty, because in fact what really wins is the attitude of man to life .

Authentic beauty always begins with our full acceptance. It is in authenticity that the great power of seduction lies, because when we are real, when we know and accept each other – as we are, we act with confidence and firmness.

We live in a society in which everything has a short period of use, and consumerism imposes a rhythm that is often beyond our means. Zygmunt Bauman defines this tendency as a liquid society composed of fragile human relationships. Everything flows too fast and slips out of our hands because we do not try to keep it – our consumer eyes are already looking for other new and beautiful objects.

Anyone who focuses only on their appearance is doomed to some kind of “programmed aging.” His active life will be short only during his youth, after which he will be left with his inner emptiness, low self-esteem and absolute dependence on other people’s opinions.

That is why beauty should be more than just physical packaging . It must be an attitude to life.

The beauty of authentic people
There are people who seem to be shrouded in mystery. Their voices are calm and kind, as if they are never angry or in a hurry. Their gaze is attentive and wise, able to read gestures and thoughts.

There are those who do not have harmonious faces or athletic bodies, but are nevertheless charming. What caused this? These people have solved the problem of their insecurity, they are aware of their shortcomings, they have achieved peace with themselves.

Being beautiful is something you get from your genes, but the authenticity that radiates this attraction that can really captivate the heart is something we learn over the years and enjoy when we find it.

We all have our weaknesses. Some of us worry that they are a few pounds heavier than they want to be, others – from the wrinkles on their faces, others – from the nose, which they never liked…

The strength of these shortcomings and the impact they have on our lives depend on us. Deactivate their ability to limit and humiliate you. Accept yourself completely as you are and move forward boldly.

Be above everyone else, above every comment, insult or rumor. You are more than those words. You are your attitude, strength and ability to be happy. And know that beauty grows with age, because it is a reflection of the ever-deepening knowledge of ourselves.

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