Bath: how to choose the baby bath?

Bathtub, deckchair, rings… Which bath accessory to choose according to the baby’s age? Our advices so that baby is well installed.


  1. Which baby bath?
  2. The bath lounger
  3. The bathing ring

Which baby bath?

Before 6 months , for the bath, prefer a bathtub (or a deckchair) adapted to the baby’s morphology . On the market, there are several types of folding, inflatable, plastic bathtub, integrated into the changing table. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.  

Note: always check that the bathtub corresponds to the safety standards in force. The words “Complies with safety requirements” (standard XP S 54-044) must appear on the product.


  • The +: Can be used with a support during the first months (to avoid bending over) then it is placed inside the family bathtub . There are anatomical forms with armrests and imprints for the buttocks.
  • The -:It is  very bulky . Anyone with a small bathroom will have to give it up.


  • The +:practical for bathing the child without bending over . In addition, it takes up little space if it is foldable.
  • The -:it is an accessory that is  only used for a few months because the soft plastic does not allow the child to sit there. Not always easy to fill and empty the water. Finally, it cannot be used to undress the child before bathing , since at that time, it is full of water.


  • The +:Takes up  little space and is transportable . Ideal for parents on the go, it’s a  solution when going on vacation .
  • The -:Made of inflatable tube, this type of bathtub is less easy to clean. In addition, you will need to  deflate and re-inflate it each time you use it .

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The bath lounger

It is also possible to use the bathtub in the bathroom, by placing your child on a deckchair or “bath seat” . This object is reserved for infants weighing less than 8 kg and measuring less than 70 cm.

  • The +:e fixed or lands on the bottom of the tub and takes up very little space . Baby is maintained is little to beat hands and feet to his guide. For their part, parents do not have to hold it and can  play or soap it more freely .
  • The -:Unlike plastic baths adapted to the size of baby, it is necessary with the deckchairs to half fill a large bathtub for a little bout’chou. In short, we waste a lot of water. Not very economical, nor ecological.

The bathing ring

Once your child can stay in a stable sitting position  you can sit your baby in the center of bathing ring .

It is an accessory in the shape of a rounded barrier, designed to hold baby in case it tips over. Please note, this device does not exempt you from monitoring your child,  without taking your eyes off him for  a moment.

  • The +:It helps baby to  sit in the bathtub and allows you to discover the joys of the bath while playing.
  • The -:Not suitable for toddlers. Please note that not  all models are very stable . Prefer those whose ring has a front and rear stabilizer and suction cups that allow it to be fixed to the bottom of the bathtub.

Note: when baby knows how to sit still, you can also use the bathroom bathtub by fixing an anti-slip mat at the bottom to prevent slipping.

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