What badges are worn respectively by the following naval officers :—(a) Admiral ? (b) Captain ? (c) Lieu­ tenant ? (d) Engineer officers, medical staff, and pay­ masters

Three narrow stripes of gold braid and one broad stripe on sleeve. The peak of the cap is bordered all
round with oak leaves and cap badge consists of anchor en-wreathed surmounted by Crown.
(b) Four narrow gold stripes on sleeve. Badge is as usual, with cap peak bordered only on lower edge.
(c) Over eight years’ service—two stripes of gold braid with a very narrow stripe between ; under eight years’ service—two stripes of gold braid, peak of cap plain. Engineer officers wear the same stripes, etc., as ordinary officers of equivalent rank, but they have in addition purple stripes between the gold ones. Medical officers have red stripes, and paymasters white between the stripes.



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