Back 4 Blood guide: tricks, tips and secrets

Welcome to the most complete guide of Back 4 Blood, discover all the secrets and learn everything about the game to survive the waves of infected

Xavi Mogrovejo ·11:40 10/13/2021



  1. First steps
  2. Characters and abilities
  3. The best weapons
  4. Better cards and decks
  5. Frequently asked questions

After many years and endless waiting, we finally have our Left 4 Dead 3 . Well, okay, it is not the third installment of that mythical diptych of first person shooters that made us kill zombies until dawn, but more or less we could talk about Back 4 Blood as such taking into account that behind this project is Turtle Rock and that, obviously, the characteristics of the three video games are practically the same, with small differences, yes.

Back 4 Blood is on sale now (and available directly to all those who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass) and here we will bring you a few tips so that you can complete the title without problems and know how to face all the monsters easily, exploring the arsenal and the characters. On the other hand, we will also talk about some game options so that you have all the essential information. Let’s go with it, for the zombie killer of the week .

First steps

Although Back 4 Blood is a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead , in this installment you have to take into account many new features. Although in those first person shooters you did not have to take too many factors into account, beyond having a weapon loaded to the ammunition caps so that it could be used to kill everything we came across. However, there is a complex card system, character abilities, and even weapon oddities here that are best controlled and mastered.


Here we will give you some small tips to be able to start Back 4 Blood in the best possible way.

Characters and abilities

In Back 4 Blood we will have up to eight characters available . Not all of them will be unlocked from the start, but you have to control them all to be able to know which of them to use in the best situations. Each level may require a specific combination of characters, to enhance the competitive side of the video game.

These are all the characters and the abilities that they can deploy in each game.

The best weapons

Turtle Rock has not been too broke the head in selecting which arsenal to add to its new first person shooter. If you are regulars of Battlefield , Call of Duty , Counter-Strike or any other competitive FPS, each and every one of the weapons that are available in the game will be familiar to you. Little has been innovated here in this regard .

In this weapons guide we show you which are the best, although you have to bear in mind that some of their appearances are random.

Better cards and decks

In addition to the selection of characters, it must also be taken into account that there is an extensive card customization system so that players can complete their experience by adding extra elements to those abilities of each character. Cards can provide more life, reload speed, and even certain special perks.

Here you will find a selection of decks for the Back 4 Blood characters .

Frequent questions

Despite the fact that Back 4 Blood is a fairly straightforward title, a series of questions related to the title are always asked. Here are the most common ones that are usually made about the title of Turtle Rock.


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