Bachelorette party: learn how to plan an unforgettable party

If every time someone says goodbye you think of something sad, painful and that causes tears, it must be because you never organized one of this type. In this farewell, the only tears that fall are the tears of uncontrolled laughter, and what hurts are the muscles of the face, from laughing so hard. The sadness goes to the reserve bench, and the happiness of a new beginning wears the shirt and enters the field. The bachelorette party is an exciting moment that can hold many surprises!

Today, we are going to talk about the bachelorette party , and if you are a godmother or friend of the bride, follow along to find out:

·         How to prepare an unforgettable bachelorette party;

·         What are the most common types of bachelorette parties;

·         Playful tips for the hen night.

How to prepare an unforgettable bachelorette party

There are many preparations with the wedding: choice of location, list of guests, definition of suppliers. If you have already married, you know what I am talking about, and if your turn has not yet come, prepare yourself: the mission may seem impossible, but it is very rewarding when the big day arrives and the bride and groom gather relatives at the ceremony and friends to celebrate this new phase of life together.

The point is that most of the brides end up dedicating themselves exclusively to the wedding, so that the other celebrations, such as bridal shower, lingerie and, mainly, the bachelorette party, are under the responsibility of the bride’s bridesmaids and friends. But the fact that the bachelorette party is not planned by her, does not mean that the bride has no expectations about the celebration. On the contrary: she hopes that, on that day, her best friends will be present and involved in all the surprises that will happen and that, certainly, will be remembered for life and marked as the beginning of the wedding celebrations. And that is where the great responsibility of the bride’s friends lies.

Many women ask me how to make the bachelorette party unforgettable and special and are surprised when I say that there is no list of specific games, or things that can not be missing in the celebration.

To ensure that the bride will have fun and be touched by that day, you only need to follow one rule: every bachelorette party should be planned with her in mind. The bride is the center of attention at this event, so it is necessary to think about every detail as if the bride herself was organizing.

Types of hen parties

This is the most fun part of planning your bachelorette party: defining which games will be played with the bride. So, if you are the one organizing everything, before making the choices, remember that it is she who should be the focus of the farewell. To assist you in this task, I have prepared a list of some types of bachelorette parties. Follow.

1. A trip only with the closest friends

It may seem like a teen movie script, but celebrating the goodbye between friends with a trip is one of the most fun ways to say goodbye to single life. This is because traveling only with women makes the whole program for the bride and her friends.

If you want to organize your bachelorette party in this way, the tip I give is to organize in advance. In addition to checking the availability of the bride and the bridesmaids and friends, it is necessary to define a destination. And believe me: if they are all very close and have traveled together, choosing a place that, in the past, served as a setting for several stories is a great request. Thus, in addition to the trip itself, reliving situations and building new memories in a place that has to do with the bride’s life will make the bachelorette party even more special.

2. Enjoy a night party

For brides who enjoy a party, get together with friends and celebrate their farewell at a nightclub or concert, it is, without a doubt, the guarantee of a very lively night to mark the end of life as a single woman.

But think carefully before defining the location: it is necessary to think about the bride’s preferences and choose a place that she likes and that offers the musical style with which she identifies. Some houses offer differentiated packages for bachelorette parties, with drinks, access to the box, free tickets and other amenities, so stay tuned and, when contacting the place, inform that the intention is to celebrate with the bride.

For the more animated groups, personalized pieces can complete the party night: blouses with the bride’s name, glasses for drinks and hair accessories, such as veils, are widely used in nightclubs to identify the group that is participating in the bachelorette party .

3. A day dedicated to friendship

Not only from trips and parties does the bachelorette party live. Another way to celebrate the end of this cycle is to organize an entire day with schedules between the bride and her friends. And here anything goes: tours, shopping, Day SPA.

Everything will depend on the profile of the bride and the availability of friends. A good idea is to hire a photographer to record that day dedicated to friendship. Thus, the bride will be able to remember her hen night and the photos may even be included in the official wedding album.

Playful tips for the hen night

If the bride spends work with the wedding planning, the bachelorette party would be no different. So, friend, get ready: after defining the type of celebration, the games that will be played during the farewell are still missing.

To help you with this task, I have prepared a list of the ones that are most often done at hen nights, and that guarantee a good laugh.

·         Demonstration of sex shop products

Who said that playing is child’s play? If the idea is to have a bachelorette party at the house of one of the bridesmaids or a friend of the bride, or elsewhere, part of the day can be used for toys, those for those over 18 years old. Some sex shops offer a demonstration service for closed events, and why would a celebration be more conducive to that than a hen night?

In addition to knowing the latest releases of erotic toys, you can propose to the bride to try to guess the role of the most different and daring models. For sure, this game will yield a good laugh.

·         Questions about the groom

Another classic joke about a bachelorette party is questions about the groom. Among the most traditional are his preference for film, music, band, favorite travel, what he likes most about the bride, etc. Therefore, it is necessary that you have proximity with him, or with a friend, to be able to check the answers before the day of the farewell. With them in hand, the bride must answer in the same way and get all the questions asked right. If she misses, you can think of some gifts, but here is my advice: choose the ones she will have fun doing, since the purpose of the game is to promote joy on this very special day.

·         Alcoholic “I never” game

For brides more lively and who agree with any game, the game of “I never” is a good choice. In addition to the bride, all the godmothers and friends join the circle, who must answer whether they have already gone through the situations that were chosen or not. The idea is that some more spicy ones come up, like, for example, “I never had sex on the first night”, or “I never went to bed with two men”. If these situations have already happened to some of the participants, they should have a drink.

·         Strip tease at hen night

That, without a doubt, is the question I get most about the hen night. Many godmothers and friends are in doubt as to whether or not they should hire a professional to make spicy games during the celebration. I usually answer that everything is valid, and that, just as for some brides a strip tease can be fun, for others it can represent a lack of respect with the groom.

Once again, the golden advice for planning a bachelorette party is worth it: everything should be defined with a focus on the bride, according to her personality. Therefore, you, as a friend, must make that decision thinking about it. That way, there’s no mistake: the bride will love the hen night.

A tip for bridesmaids on duty: strip tease is a good idea also at the wedding! Many women are ashamed or do not think they know how to “dance”, but in this video I teach you how to strip the flashlight which is super easy and will make your husband very happy!

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